2 Rugs, 2 Dogs, 2 Much Trouble

This one time, not at band camp, but online shopping, I found this rug from Urban Outfitters that I crushed on.  It brought out my inner hipster.  And I was mad hot that they didn’t have it in my living room’s size.  It was like shopping for a prom dress, and only finding it 2 sizes smaller.  Luckily, I thought of a solution that would work with rugs, and not so much prom dresses.  Buying two, and putting them up next to each other.

And it seemed to work.

Urban Outfitters Rainbow Zigzag Rug

But there were 2 things I didn’t account for.

Interiors By Kenz

Don’t let their sweet faces fool you.  Indy and Buster LOVE to chase one another, and wrestle, and make trouble all over the living room.  It usually leaves the rugs looking like this:

Urban Outfitters Rainbow Zigzag Rug in living room

I was CONSTANTLY straightening it out.  Daily.  Twice daily.  Or I would just give up, because I knew they would ruffle it up again.

It was perpetually jostled.

I was perpetually provoked.

Urban Outfitters Rainbow Zigzag Rug in living roomq

I wasn’t planning on buying a new rug until our kitchen reno was done, since EVERYTHING is changing.   But my mad prego hormones kicked in and I lost it.  If I didn’t have a new rug, my life was over.  It was exactly that dramatic.

So I went to HomeGoods looking for a rug on the cheap.

And I found this little gem.  Look hard at that price.  It was only $69.

It could have looked like a giant turd, and for $69, I still would have bought it.  Luckily, it did not look like a turd.

Living Room Rug

For that price, you really can’t say no.  Even if I change my mind with the design down the road, it was only $69.00

It’s a jute rug with a Moroccan lattice pattern.  It’s slightly smaller than what the two rugs put together were.  But it is SO nice to have it lay flat.  All the time.  No matter how much the dogs play on it.

Everything is a little mismatched, but that has something to do with missing walls, different paint colors, old art, and so on.  But like I said, we’re reworking it all.  Haters gonna hate.  Kenz ‘gonna redecorate.  The living room will look great.  Word.  #endrap

Living Room Rug

You want to be so mad at those naughty dogs… but, then Buster pulls his “baby seal” face, and it’s over.  He unfairly steals yours heart.

Living Room Rug

In other flooring news:

This came in over the weekend.  WOOOOOOO YEAH!

Laminate Flooring

And that means the days of this will be long gone.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

All the same color, in the same direction.  It will be a beautiful thing.  Awwww.  Happiness.

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    I too have mangled rugs all over my house. Curse of multiple dogs I suppose. I’ve just given up- no matter what you do they’re gunna get mangled so I just rolled with it and have gotten in the habit of straightening them every time I walk by. The wrinkled rugs bother me…but not as much as the puppy paw prints on the backs of furniture from when the leap OVER the couches to wrinkle the rug.

    Oi. My life.

  • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

    I freaking love reading your blog. SO high-larious. The rug looks stellar btw!

    • Kenz

      I freaking love your face! Thanks 🙂 I do enjoy the new rug quite a bit! I mostly enjoy that I didn’t have to spend $150+ as most new rugs would have cost.

  • Michelle

    Oh, I feel your pain. I need a nicer pad under the rug in our entry. 50 times a day it’s in a ball next to the door because someone insists on flying down the stairs at 500 mph.

    • Kenz

      haha! oh Ike. I have no doubt that his top speed is 500 mph. Dog problems for sure 🙂

  • whoo hoo! that’s a crazy great deal on that rug. (note to self: go to home goods). And, at least, needing to straighten the rug multiple times a day is one of the better problems one can encounter when it comes to pets and rugs ;).

    • Kenz

      GRETCHEN! How are you NOT shopping at Home Goods yet?! GO THERE NOW! And you’re so right. I should be grateful that they are not making messes of other sorts 😉

      • oh, no–I’ve BEEN to Home Goods….just not lately, and not specifically to look at rugs. don’t worry! 🙂

        • Kenz

          Oh okay. GEEZ! I was freaking out for you. Thanks for calming down my over-reaction.

  • eranfaraway

    I’m so glad you resolved your wrinkly rug dilemma, and got a killer deal doing it! I’m now obsessed with your old rug though, I see what you’re saying about it speaking to your inner hipster. I can’t wait for your flooring adventures too! I’m so excited you’re posting more often again!

    • Kenz

      I, too, am glad the wrinkly dilemma was solved. The old rugs really were fabulous. Urban Outfitters doesn’t even make it in that “half-size” I bought anymore. They are now down to a door-mat size. For the small hipsters, of course.

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    i am super pumped for you to put in those floors so I can copycat them in a few months.
    Also, I love that rug pattern. mmmm morroccannnnn

    • Kenz

      YAY for laminate floor-buddies for life! mmmmmmmmmmoroccan!

  • girlwithgreenbanana

    I have the same rug that we had we had in our ‘livin room’ when we lived together. Remember that hell hole? I do. Karin out.

    • Kenz

      Oh hi, girl with green banana 🙂 Hey! That grey ikea rug was a real steal! I certainly do remember that hell hole. So much chomping and trashing. Such a random draw of roommates we had. I’ll never forget the time you and Angela got in a screaming match 🙂 awwwww. Such fond times in the land of buckles.
      Do you want these old rugs?! I have no where for them! You can have them 🙂 I can’t wait for our dog play date! xoxo

      • girlwithgreenbanana

        Oh my gosh yes! I will take them, I will pay you good money for it. Not my bad drug money. I loved screaminga t Angela because she hardly spoke English, she just chomped trash too much. And her boyf. Remeber that guy?? ANYWAY! I am so excited for our play date I can hardly sleep at night!

        • Kenz

          bahahahahaha! Her boyf was the grossest grossy ever. Ew. And, please don’t pay me any kind of money for the rugs. They are all yours! Also- please tell me you are starting a blog called girl with green banana.

          • girlwithgreenbanana

            I wish I was starting a blog! I have no idea what said blog would be about. I think I’d be one of those ‘full moon’ bloggers. Not the kind that post pictures of themselves mooning (are there bloggers that do that? It seems like there would be a following). I mean the kind that would only post as often as there is a full moon. Not very often.

          • Kenz

            I’m voting for the other kind full moon blogger 🙂

  • jannybean

    Love the rug and I would have lost my mind too. It one reason I don’t even DO rugs. I hates straightening them. Can’t wait to see the new floor in. 🙂

    • Kenz

      Hi Janny Bean! I’m so happy, I haven’t had to straighten the new rug ONCE! YAY! I’m so excited for the new floors to go in too 🙂

  • Kenz

    It’s true. IT’s just something that comes with multiple dogs. They are just lucky we love them so much 🙂

  • Tara @ Surburble

    I love your new trellis rug! So chic (and cheap!). I’ve got my eye on some rugs right now, but they’re not $70. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong stores! 😉

    I don’t know how you tolerated the bunchy rug situation, but I have to agree that your hipster-rug pair was super cute. Your green banana girlfriend is so lucky to inherit them.

    p.s. Love your comments. I laughed out loud at some of them. Roommate brawls? Teensy hipsters? It’s rad.

    • Kenz

      haha, oh Tara. You are so great. I’m like you. I feel like I always have my eye on a few rugs, but they are always SO expensive. You would love green-banana. She is just as outrageous as you 🙂 Come to Utah and we’ll all hang out!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    Well at least the dogs didn’t poop on the rug! I do love the early pregnancy drama-fest happening over there. 😉 Also glad you didn’t buy a turd rug, but warning my dogs love to poop on jute. Hope the same doesn’t apply to yours!

    • Kenz

      Do they really?! Oh no. I better keep an eye out on Buster. He is the one that sometimes can’t hold it in the night, and we find an occasional present. So far nothing has surfaced. lol, I wonder what it is about jute that makes them like pooping on it? haha!

  • Vanlun

    Love the rug and love the new floor. Woo Hoo can’t wait to see it all done.

    • Kenz

      Thanks Vanessa!!!

  • SImply Sarah

    “we’re reworking it all. Haters gonna hate. Kenz ‘gonna redecorate. The living room will look great. Word. #endrap” bwhahahahahaha! Ok, I totally read this at work and then laugh OUTLOUD. You crack me up.

    I really like the new rug and I am more glad (I can say that right?) that its not a turd…..butttttttttttttt I really can’t wait to see all this new flooring and how you do it. We need new flooring something terrible upstairs…so much so that I havent even posted much of anything about the entire upstairs of my house. Its a blogging mystery, so I ‘m impatiently waiting for your tuts and pics on this. 🙂

    • Kenz

      haha, thanks for not thinking I’m a total loser 🙂

      I’m glad it doesn’t look like a turd too!

      Flooring can get SO expensive. But I’m so happy that ours is less than $400. I’m still kind of in shock by it all!

  • The rug is great and all but hold up – you’re pregnant?!?!?! OMG!!! Congratulations!!! See what happens when I go and take a blogging leave of absence?! You go on and announce you’re having a baby and I miss it! Ahhhhh, so happy for you! Sending virtual hugs your way 😀

    • Kenz

      AHHHHHH! THANK YOU! You are not allowed to take any more leaves of absense! haha, jk. You can take all the leaves you want. Real life is way more important. I hid under a rock my whole first trimester. xoxo

  • Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    That is one awesome steal of a rug. I am so happy it doesn’t look like a turd either. Phew 🙂 In fact, I think it looks amazing!!!! Ooooohhhhh and that new floor. Amazing!!! I want to know more about the floor. What did you get ?

  • Nic

    Have you thought about sewing the two rugs together to make them work? I kinda loved them 🙁

    • Kenz

      Hi Nic! I did think about it, but it would require hand stitching through very heavy material, since my sewing machine isn’t heavy duty enough. I was just too lazy to try. But it did cross my mind! I still love the color and design.