Home Tour: Matt’s Room- Forever Reppin’

Happy Black Friday.  Thanks for taking a break from your shopping to come read this post.  I promise to keep it short.

Wednesday on the Home Tour we looked at Karl’s Man Play-Room.  Let me tell you about my other man-baby: Matt.  He describes himself as a big guy with a personality to match.  He is a social butterfly.  He is everyone’s friend.  In fact, he is the reason Aaron and I started dating.  We can blame our marriage on Big Matt Baugh.  Great guy.  Matt’s room is right across the hall from Karl’s.

It was formally this:

Typical Man Bedroom

He really wanted to keep the bubble gum walls and the flower border.  He especially loved the shiny pink curtains.  Because I am a great friend, I said, “Oh heck no Matt Baugh.”  And I painted it Worldly Gray by Sherwin-Williams.

Typical Man Bedroom

Matt is forever reppin the 801.
(And for all you foreingers that translates to: he really loves Salt Lake City.)

Typical Man Bedroom

Due to his love of our happy valley, he got a large piece of art to stare at when he first wakes up, and also when he falls asleep.

Typical Man Bedroom

Our local IKEA sells this picture of our beautiful local city.  (I’m curious, does your IKEA do that?)  I like that he put it on the East wall, since this view is looking to the East.  Oh Salt Lake… so pretty… always winning our hearts ^_^

Typical Man Bedroom

A pretty typical man night stand:  a Macbook Pro and the latest issue of Modern Drummer.  I’m a proud mama of my man-child.

Typical Man Bedroom

Now you can return your vigorous shopping!  But don’t forget:  We are having a Young House Love Book LINK PARTY on Monday!!! It’s gonna be bomb.  I’ll be showing off a major project that day as well.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on.

I will also be announcing the winner of the $100 gift card Monday.  Be sure to enter if you haven’t!

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  • Henriette

    Wow, Salt Lake City looks stunning And the mountains are enormous! Reminds me of Northern Norway – we are all about mountains as well. And I kind of really want to cuddle with Matt – he looks like a good hugger 😀

    • CrowderSoup

      Oh he is, trust me 🙂

    • Salt Lake is so beautiful. I don’t know if I could ever leave for good. We love mountains! I would love to visit Northern Norway some day! Matt is a wonderful cuddler. Sometimes he cuddles me and Aaron at the same time. But no spooning allowed. He had a bad experience spooning… lol