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York Peppermint Patties, Ice Cream, Gum, Money



Welcome to this week’s installment of Thrifty Thursday.  14, count ’em.  Aren’t those plates the sweetest things?  The tag said they were $0.75 each, but I got them for $0.50.  Mmhmm, be jelly of my $7 stack.  The mint green edges are quaint and charming.  Buying mint green kitchen accessories has me jonesing to start this kitchen renovation.  <<Not til after Christmas though 🙁 >>  Picture a clean, bright, white kitchen flooded with light, and mint green dishes.  That’s what my lusty brain wants.


I also picked up this $2 milk bottle for my imaginary country kitchen.


The best part of finding these plates, is they match the set of mint green Ikea plates I bought last month.  Who knows what I’ll do with all 14 of these plates.  Maybe I’ll monogram them or color on them, like these plates, of room-mates-projects-passed.


Now to give your eyes a break from all the mintiness, I present to you my final find.  My back-up ugly sweater for the annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.


You heard me right, it’s my back-up sweater.  Just in case I can’t find a more “Christmasy” sweater in time, I’ve got this bad boy. It also was only $2.  Not bad for a total purchase of $11.

What goodies have you found thrifting lately?   

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    FAB! You know, they say plates nowadays are too big and that’s why people gain weight. I’ve started using smaller plates since my PCOS is like NO EMMA NO FOOD FOR YOU. so I would be tempted to use your new adorbs dishes most of the time and use the IKEA ones (i have the leaf green ones, love them) for chargers!

    • Henriette

      The smaller plate thing really works! I felt fuller on less food when I used a smaller one! And these are adorable as well – win win!

    • I am totally of the same mind set. I think the smaller plates are the perfect size for dinner plates. Us PCOS-ers gotta do everything we can to keep things in check 🙂

  • Every time I see your blog I miss you more and more.

    • I actually thought of you the whole time I was doing this post. We put the DI in dishes. I kept thinking of the little strawberry tumblers from the Provo DI. Do you still have those??

  • Christine Diamond

    The plate design is so simple and elegant. Great style 😀

    • I know! I can’t believe someone wanted to toss those plates out. I’m happy to welcome them to my kitchen for sure