Mondays Are So Hard.

Here is a little something to make your Monday is little more bearable.

Sign Up To Be A Sherwin-Williams Preferred Customer

Oh I love Sherwin-Williams.  Why?  Because when I walk in, they know me by name, and they know the projects I am working on!  I walk in and they say, “Kenz!  How is your basement coming along?!”  I can tell you the paint counter at the hardware store doesn’t know that!  And let’s not forget the fun toy I got from them a little bit ago.  And my favorite tool ever, CHIP IT!  Paint is the best.

Why sign up to be a preferred customer with Sherwin-Williams?

  • They have exclusive sales events for only Preferred Customers
  • Color Tracking.  Oh yeah… they’ll remember that exact shade of grey that you picked from over 12 paint samples.

Do I have you convinced yet?  NO?!!!  Okay, well let me go on!

  • ColorSnap Smart Phone Technology!
    ColorSnap is a FREE, unique color-matching app that allows you to quickly capture colors from your surroundings and match them to Sherwin-Williams paint colors.
  • Paint Your Own Scene
    Upload a photo and see a certain paint color in your own room.  Try on however many you want.
  • They have all kinds of wall paper and color pallet ideas to explore.
  • The employees know their business.  They are good at one thing, and one thing only: PAINT.  They can answer almost any question you have.
  • They have wicked awesome sales ALL THE TIME.  I got all our paint for the entire basement for cheaper than $180.  It would have cost $250 at Lowes.

Okay, you’re convinced now.  I know it.

So sign up to be a Sherwin-Williams preferred customer if you’d like.  And have a better day!

(All opinions are 100% my own!)


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