My Dream for 2013

I have always been a goal oriented person and a list-maker by nature.  Recently I was reading my old journal.  It’s pretty outrageous and saucy  (and mostly embarrassing).  It’s exploding with teenage angst and drama and “My life is so hard.  This boy doesn’t like me.”  I’m sure if 13 year old Kenz knew I was exposing this, she would slap me hard.  But… I give full permission to expose the nonsense of a young teenage girl’s mind.

teenage girl journal

My mind was an odd place, back then.  I made a list of all the things I wanted to be when I grew up.  Um, no one told me I shouldn’t have 8 careers… and 6 sub careers is what I think I was going for?
teenage girl journal

You thought the list stopped there… yeah right.  Of course I continued the list on the next page.teenage girl journal

Lord Almighty.  I was a vain child.  I’m glad to see those career choices worked out for me.  lol.  But at least I did some fun stuff… even if I didn’t know how to spell “dance.”   And at least I knew how to party like a rockstar on New Year’s Eve, by sledding off the roof.  And it was “a really big deal.”

teenage girl journal

Now you know that I really do love to make lists and asses my goals and dreams, which is what I’m going to do now, for 2013.

1.  Don’t do projects just to have something to blog about.  Do projects because I want it in real life.
I feel like sometimes I get caught up in the mindset of keeping up with the Jones’ Petersiks, Bowers, Smiths, Gublers, and the other 100+ bloggers I follow.  I’m always thinking about “What is my next post?” And if I don’t have one planned, I’m trying to figure out something I can post about.  I don’t want to do that anymore.  That just makes my blog “cloudy.”  Blogging isn’t my full time job.  If I don’t post everyday, I think it will be okay.  And on the days I DO post, you’ll know I have some goodies to share with you.

2.  Actually FIX the house.
I love to DIY Beautiful Things.  I hate to DIY things to fix.  It isn’t glamorous and doesn’t look cute, but it needs to be done.  Our house needs a new roof.  Our whole fence needs to be replaced.  And our two monolithic trees need to be professionally removed.  I’d rather spend the money renovating our kitchen.  I’ve been talking about it for months.  But… I’m putting my stupid big girl pants on and finally admitting that we need to spend the money fixing the bigger issues first.  Boo.  I’m disappointed.  But it’s the right thing to do.

3.  (This is Aaron’s goal) Wrap Up The Little Things.
When we start a big project, we’re really good at doing the big things.  But it takes us forever to do the little finishing touches.  I don’t know why.  That’s the easy part.  But we’re so bad at it.  We will make sure to put effort into the last details.

I think those goals are way more achievable than deciding to have 8 careers.  I’m excited for 2013.

I’m ready to raise my paint brush in the air and declare this the year of accomplishing mighty goods.

What are your goals for 2013?

Have happy and safe New Year’s Eve celebrations!  


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  • I think your first one is huge– I blog because it’s FUN, and if I start feeling pressure it won’t be fun anymore, and that would be really sad. There’s no need to post everyday, I’d rather read 2-3 posts of things you are super excited and super proud of then a bunch of fillers 🙂

  • At the same time, I’ve been reading the Petersiks for a long time, and back when they first started? They actually didn’t post a lot of DIY. It was a LOT of mood boards and reader questions mixed in with a few great projects (like their ikea wardrobes) and some cute tiny things. So…its your blog. Do what you feel, kenz. Do what you feel.

    Because you are kind of a big deal.

    • Oh please. I’m about as big of deal as Quikster. Haha, but thanks for the rhyming advise. I’m definitely gonna do whatever the hell I want. And ain’t nobody gon’ stop me!

  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    I think we are sassy bloggers. And I think 2013 is gunna be a big deal. No joke.

  • Gretchen

    Doing the fixing things instead of just the fun things is something we need to work on, too.

    Maybe you can get the three things on your list completely accomplished by March, then spend the rest of the year working on your eight new careers? You’ll need a second blog to document it all!

    • Haha! I definitely think I can handle becoming governor this year. lol… I love how I thought that would be such an easy step to becoming the president.

  • Oh, Kenz!! I am the same way with finishing touches, that’s one of my goals for this year is to concentrate on one room at a time and make sure it’s all finished before moving on! It was so hard to do this with the dance studio room, but I have to say, it’s a relief to walk in there and not think, Ugh…I need to replace that light fixture…Oops, I just realized it’s still in the box, so…never mind on that one…he he…Oh, you forgot one career…comedianne! (I think that’s how you are supposed to spell it when it’s a girl one?) – Love ya new friend!

    • I’m really going to be focusing on finishing touches this year, even though it’s technically Aaron’s goal. I don’t know why it’s so hard to just do that last step, but it is. And dammit I’m gonna do it! lol, I know i’d be the worst comedian! I’m about as funny as a basket of laundry. xoxo, happy new year Jen!

  • Sounds like a good list 🙂 Do like me and blog two posts i 1,5 months! I will never be one of those who blogs on a daily basis (only if it was a full-time job, and thats never going to happen!), so no stress 🙂

    And haha, I wish I wrote a journal when I was younger – I always got bored to easily. I started writing a hundred times, but always got bored and stopped. Looks like so much fun to read you old thoughts when you grow up 🙂

    • I am all about no-stress blogging these days! I’m actually amazed that I was as consistent as I was with writing in my younger. I always laugh whenever I go back and read things I wrote. I was more dramatic than anything. But what teenager isn’t lol