My FAN-tastic Color Fan Deck

Hi readers!  Happy Pioneer Day!  (For those of you non-Utahns, it’s our lovely state’s birthday today.)  For the rest of the world, Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart!  115… I sure do love her.  She inspired me to earn my own wings.  Anyway… I had the day off and decided I needed to buy myself a present.


Sherwin Williams Color Fan Deck

I have had my eye on color fan decks for quite a while.  They are the bee’s knees.  Why?  Because it is like having built in paint samples with you all the time!  It is so helpful for color matching.  You can take it to the fabric store and match colors easier.  Basically… I am stoked.  There are SOOOOOO many colors included in this one from S/W.  AND IT WAS ONLY $9.99!  Oh heck yeah!  (The one from Lowe’s is upwards of $40… and on Amazon, some are up to $100 and beyond.)

Sherwin Williams Color Fan Deck

Sherwin Williams Color Fan Deck

Look to the left at the stack of cards that are in this deck!  There are 155 cards, with 7 colors on each… 1085 colors in the whole fan!!!

Thanks for being excited with me.  I know you secretly get this excited over color too 🙂  For more fun color palette options, try Sherwin-Williams Chip It!

PS- Design Star season finale tonight on HGTV!  Who’s gonna win?  Britany or Danielle? 


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