My First Bunting & Baby Shower

My sister Gina is having a miracle baby!  We’re so excited for little Molly to join our big Greek Family.  Gina literally lives a block away from me, which is the most rad thing ever.

I got to host my first ever baby shower.  And normally, I LOVE throwing parties, but I gotta say, I was sweating chunks for this one.  Maybe it’s because a lot of family members who haven’t seen my house, and neighbor ladies from where I grew up (most of whom read my blog) would be there.

All you other bloggers, does it make you nervous when people who read your blog come to your house in real life?  Or am I the only weirdo out there that thinks people judge my house extra hard because I blog about it?

Anyway, we had a chandelier that did this:

ghetto chandelier

And I fixed it by putting a hook up in the ceiling like this:

Spray Paint an old Chandelier

In true DIY blogger fashion, an idea struck me at 9 o’clock PM the night before the shower.  BUNTING.

Molly’s nursery is adorned with birds, so I picked up a half yard of cute bird fabric, and some pink ruffly ribbon, and got to work doing some late night sewing.

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

I used my quilting mat and cutter to quickly form the triangles.

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

I laid it out and pinned it together…

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

And ran it under the presser foot.  At this point, it was about 0100 (for all you non-military-ers or aviators, that’s 1 AM, and it’s when everyone should be dreaming about eating cupcakes… oh, you don’t dream about gluten?  Sucks to be you).  Anyway, I’m pretty lucky I didn’t sew my index and birdie together.  If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s this:  I DO NOT DO LATE NIGHTS.

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

Aaron thought it was a good time to eat a snack dressed in a Forever Lazy.  According to him, it’s always a good time for a snack in a Forever Lazy.

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

Then we hung the bunting up behind the table and decided we were ready to celebrate this little life called Molly.  See how NICE dandy chandy comes up?!  No head-bonking.  I’m obsessed.

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

Do you know the amount of will power it takes to not eat gluten and sugar when it is kept in your house for a whole day before a party?! I was so happy to put it out and let other people eat it all and get it away from my eyes.

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

We take the helium shortage very seriously.  This may be our last chance ever to have balloons at a party.  Seriously though, it took going to 4 different stores to find someone who had helium in stock.

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

So many good friends and family!

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

My cute sister and her haul!

Girl Baby Shower Bunting Decor

Congrats Gina Beena!  You’re going to make the best mommy ever 🙂  I can’t wait to be Molly’s aunt and read to her the Restoration Hardware catalog and teach her how to change drill bits.

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    CUTE. Super cute. All of it. Nothing in particular. Just cute. Also, I’m aware in Aaron’s forever lazy picture it’s a moving dog by his foot, but it totally looks like fog or dry ice. lol

    • Kenz

      lol that is the effect of a dog photo bomber!

  • all very adorable- congrats to your sister! it’ll be nice that they’re living so close!

    • Kenz

      I agree! Auntie time all the time!

  • A sister AND a niece a block away–how great! Gus looked over my shoulder at your bunting (he’s supposed to be doing math!) and said, in an awed tone, “that’s awesome…..birdies” So I think that about says it all.

    • Kenz

      Awwwwwwwwww!!! That is so cute. Give Gus a pinch on the cheeks for me 🙂

  • Tara @ Surburble

    Love the bunting! It’s so sweet of you to want to make things nice for your sister.

    Also, I’ve never heard of a “Forever Lazy”. I’m sure it’s something my husband would wear, though.

    • Kenz

      haha, I’m pretty sure Forever Lazys are only purchased via infomercials, if that tells you anything at all about them. It’s basically a snuggy suit. Aaron got it for Christmas from Karl.

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    Congratulations to your sister and you! Being an aunt is awesome. You did an amazing job on that shower! Way to go. I think this means you need to be next. She will need cousins 😉

    • Kenz

      Thanks Amber! I’m doing my best! I’m trying to get this PCOS-ing body of mine in baby-shape. 🙂

  • Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    What a beautiful party you threw. I love the food display and that bunting was just perfect. What a lot of gifts your sister got. Good for her 🙂 I dream of gluten and Google web stats LOL…

    • haha! Katja you’re great. I seriously have dreams about eating food I shouldn’t eat. Then when I wake up I feel SOOO guilty!

  • You are such a cutie Kenz!!!! I love reading your blog but more importantly I LOVE YOU!!! Beautiful!!!! You are amazing yet again!!!!!

  • Gina

    Thank you for being such an awesome-sauce hostess!! The shower was FANTASTIC! And I love M’s bunting SO MUCH. I can’t wait to hang it above her crib. 🙂 Love you Kenz!!

  • I love this post. You are so creative! One day I will bust out some creative juices…one day.

    Oh, and by the way, my favorite part of this post is when you stated you were”sweating chunks.” Can’t wait to see you!

    • lol, oh Thanks Linds! You and I can bust out creative juice together 🙂 I’m really excited to see YOU!