Navy Blue Painted Basket

I have a quick little post for you this afternoon.  An afternoon delight, if you will.

We’re a little bit temporarily homeless right now (more on that later).  One of our big problems with that is proximity to a changing table.  I needed a spot to keep changing supplies close by.

A basket seemed like an easy enough solution.  Except, have you priced out baskets lately?!  If you do to those nice home stores, baskets can be $10+

I guess I wouldn’t mind paying that much for a super rad basket, but I’m feeling pretty cheap right now.  So I bought this sucker for $0.99 at the thrift store.


It wasn’t too bad looking on its own, and to be honest, I could have left it as is.  But I’m feeling really creatively frustrated.  I didn’t realize how not having a house or big projects to work on would make me feel.  I NEEDED to smell some spray paint.  As soon as possible.  So little basket, you’re time has come.





And what makes a cute basket even cuter?  Fill it with Honest Co diapers!


We’re keeping it right by our Luna chairs, and it doesn’t look half bad.


And there you have it, your crafternoon delight.



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  • JaneEllen

    99 cents? Wow did you get a deal. It looks so cute with white band around and the blue. I can relate, gotta smell me some spray paint (with my mask on of course) I have asthma, have noticed when hubs does spray painting I’m out of breath. (hubs thinks he’s only one that knows how to spray paint in this house), he thinks even dog could do better job than me. We’ll let that one pass in interest of peace in the world.
    Your basket looks pretty sturdy, great place to keep diapers, even if you had changing table handy. Is there a certain style of print/diaper babies are supposed to wear these days to be cool? Print on diapers shown in basket is pretty darned snazzy. Disposal diapers were just starting to come out when my last kid in diapers, quite pricey items then also, (1970). Happy summer days
    What kind of cool things is Evelyn learning to do now? I love babies. (had 4 so hope i loved them)lol

    • kenz

      Hi Jane Ellen! You are the sweetest 🙂 I always love your comments.
      The diapers we use are from The Honest Company, and I LOVE them! They are eco friendly, since normal disposable diapers are so yucky for the planet. They are a really cool product, and I love all the cute prints they have for them. Win win 🙂
      Evelyn is doing so good! She is sitting up really well on her own, and trying so hard to crawl. She can scoot backward, but not forward yet. I’ve been meaning to write her 6 month update on this blog, with her cute picture in the chair. But if you want more detailed posts about her (with tons of pictures!) you should follow our family blog. It’s a lot more personal!

  • Love it Kenz. What a cute basket. And I knew you couldn’t stay away from huffing the spray paint 🙂 Die hard DIYer 🙂

    • kenz

      It’s true. I mean, I have been known to seal myself up in a fireplace and huff away…

  • Super cute! I did in fact buy one of those overpriced baskets for diaper stuff, and I’ve always regretted it. So wise decision!

    • kenz

      Haha oh Gretchen, the QUEEN of thrifting! I’m shocked by your behavior. I’m sure the regret has been heavy to carry.

  • Thrift store baskets are the only way to go for me. The ones around us always have lots of them, for so much less money. Love the white stripe on yours. And hope the story about being without a home isn’t too bad! Love the new look of your blog. At least you’ve always got your online home. 🙂

    • kenz

      I’m right there with you. I only ever buy baskets from the thrift store. They are just SO overpriced anywhere else. I’ll be sharing our homeless story on the blog soon… when I’m emotionally ready. Haha, this summer’s theme has been “try to avoid a mental breakdown as much as possible.” I’m definitely glad I have my online home and family!

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    I’m right there with you on basket prices, it physically pains me to spend that much money on something that will probably be tucked on the floor of a closet. cute solution!

    • kenz

      Basket prices and oil prices are right there neck and neck haha! I’m glad you commiserate with me.

  • I’m a a bit obsessed with painting baskets. It’s like I’m laughing in the face of overpriced baskets at Marshalls. “Bahahaha, pricy baskets,” I say. “I will thwart you with a can of spray paint.”