Our New House

We are building.  However, this is going to be slightly different than a “custom build” that you might be used to.

Most people when they build a house are doing it so it will be perfect, move-in ready, project-free, and good-to-go.

Not us.  We already have a project list started.  (More on that another day…)  So why are we building?

There are projects we like doing, and projects we don’t.  And honestly, we are tired of tearing down walls.  We wanted a blank canvas with great bone structure.

There are things we put on a must-have list for our new house:
-Formal living room
-Formal dining room
-Front porch
-Master bathroom

You guys, formal living rooms and dining rooms are a thing of the past!  They are SO hard to find (in Utah, at least)!  But it’s really important to me to have a place for the piano, a place for conversation when people come to visit, a place for Thanksgiving dinner.  You could say I’m traditional.

As our own real estate agent, I did a TON of house hunting, and could not find a house that checked every box, within our price range.  Then, we stumbled on a builder with a house plan that met literally our exact needs and wants.  And of course, the name of the plan is The Traditional.

Total square feet: 3864
Finished square feet: 2478
Finished bedrooms: 4
Finished bathrooms: 2.5

I’m in love with the elevation.  It has all the curb appeal I fancy.  I’m dreaming of sitting on a porch swing eating a popsicle with Evelyn, of a porch with carved pumpkins and flickering candles, and gables covered in Christmas lights.

New Construction Elevation

My all time favorite feature on the main floor is a trap door from the walk in pantry into the garage for grocery pass-through.  It’s going to revolutionize shopping trips in unimaginable ways haha!  I love that the main level has the traditional elements I wanted (formal living and dining) as well as a modern open concept family room and kitchen.  In my opinion, it’s the best of both worlds.

House plans-main level

Things I love about the upstairs: bedroom-level laundry baby!  I enjoy all the closet space too; something that was definitely lacking in our old house.  You guys, in my WHOLE LIFE I have never had a walk in closet.  This is a first for me, and I’m dying with excitement.

House plans-upper level

This is the basement floor plan.  We aren’t having the builder finishing the basement for us.  This is something we plan on doing in the future.  4 bedrooms is more than enough for us right now.

House plans-basement

This is our house.  These are our rules.  We can’t stop.  We won’t stop.

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  • Congrats Kenz! That is soooo exciting!!!!

  • Kiersti Kinyon

    LOVE this house! Can’t wait to see it all prettied up!

  • ooh, love it! Too bad you don’t live down here…..houses like mine with formal living and dining rooms are still EVERYWHERE (from the 80’s….not the new builds so much). In fact, your footprint is a lot like mine except with the one thing I WISH we had….an open kitchen/family room (our stupid half bath is smack in the middle, so there’s no way to open them up to each other).

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    woot woo– it looks GREAT and it’s so exciting. glad it’s all coming together!

  • holy moly this is great Kenz. I LOVE that floor plan. What an adventure this is going to be. I can also see you on that porch swing with Evelyn. This is so awesome and yay for walk-in closets!!

  • Lori Bernstein

    Love this floor plan! Good luck with the build!

  • My heart stood still when you said you were going to build. We moved into our new build about 8 months ago. We love the house but hated having to beg for things to be completed. I finally threatened to put a sign in our yard listing the items that needed addressing and get an attorney. This week we should finally be finished with the work. Bottom line…don’t go to close until they have everything done to your satisfaction. On the plus side…I love that you will have “a trap door from the walk in pantry into the garage for grocery pass-through.” Lucky girl!

  • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. No, seriously. Keep it closed, you are letting the bugs in.

    I love this house. I’m obsessed with the trap door from the garage. I mean so obsessed that I’m currently trying to figure out if I can make this happen. I can’t stop thinking about thow awesome it would be to have a trap door.

    I also love the entire floor plan. And the upstairs laundry will rock your world. We had it in our first house and don’t have it now and I miss it so much.

    I’m so excited to see your process. We get to do it together! Yay!

  • Cassie Bustamante

    WOW. it looks so so so amazing!!!!!!

  • anne @ wit wisdom and food

    I am going to be like a broken record from the last post but you totally have a walk-in closet right now. You could even call it a sleep in closet! House looks great Kenz! Your pumpkins will look soooo cute and festive. I am with you on traditional. We are 1 month away from being able to actually look at houses and I am so excited! Totally sending you an email with some questions.

  • Ooo, this looks fun! I’m pro second floor laundry. So nice. It’d only be nicer if laundry was easier. #firstworldproblems

  • Emily Katherine May

    So excited for you! Love all the features. Will you be recapping the process? I’m also so fascinated by how these new builds go and how much of your time is involved!

  • Tara @ Surburble

    Wow… that looks like amazing space for you and your gang, Kenzie! I’m drooling over your floorplan – a great room AND a formal living? That’s the dream, lady!

    I, too, understand the need for formal living and dining. I soooo wanted that in our home. Even if it’s old-school, I’m a bit of a throw-back that way.

    I can’t wait to see how your new-build shapes up, friend. This is so exciting!

  • kelly @ view along the way

    EEEK! I’m SO excited for you! I’ve been dreaming of building a house – although the time I spent with Amber and Nick from Wills Casa made me think twice – so I’m totally going to be living vicariously through you. POST ALL THE DETAILS PLEASE! Dying to read all about it. I love the floor plan and the curb appeal! Yay!

    • Amber @ Wills Casa

      What?!?! You mean we didn’t express how awesome it is… 🙂 It really is awesome. We need to have another talk.

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    I’m so excited for you Kenz and Aaron!! It looks incredible. I can’t wait to see all the finishes you chose and then the spaces you decorate!!