Paint A Back Splash

How I Found a Friend and Got A Back Splash at the Same Time

Paint A Back Splash - Inexpensive Back Splash

I wanted a back splash in our kitchen right away.  Our kitchen was very PLAIN JANE.  Ew.  We were too broke right away to install a glass tile back splash like I really wanted.  I needed a hold-me-over until we had the funds. Here is what I found:

I began my quest for the perfect inexpensive yet stylish back splash back in January.  In my Google hunt I found something that really touched my heart and spoke to my soul.  I stumbled upon a blog of a couple who was struggling with infertility, but had a love of design (interest: peaked).  They began raising money for envitro by painting back splashes.  (Check our their work.  It is amazing!)  I really connected with Beth, the writer of Sawdust and Embryos.  Some of you know this, and many of you don’t, but I struggle with my own infertility.  It is emotionally draining every single day, and I cry a lot.  Since the day I discovered them, I have been a faithful blog follower of S/E since.  She shares her experiences of the truth and pain that come from not being able to have babies.  Even though I have never met her or talked to her once, her story has given me strength and hope.  I connect with her.  We both have the same passion for design and babies!

I decided to attempt my own painted back splash as a temporary fix until we had the money/time to install a custom glass tile backer.  Here is my experience:

First I painted the “grout” lines.  I just picked white.  Then, I taped.  I chose to make my “tiles” 6″.  I used an actual tile as a guide, and leveled as I went to make sure the pattern didn’t go wonky.  It took about 3 hours to tape it all.  Then I painted using acrilic paints.  I tried to swirl the paint to give it a textured tile look… I don’t know… It doesn’t look as amazing like I wanted it to.  But it’s paint.  What can I expect?  It doesn’t look horrible.  I would have chosen different colors.  But I do believe that it looks better than what was there before.  I’m still excited to do a glass tile back splash, but for now, this works.  (Check out S/E to see their AWESOME painted back splashes to get ideas of your own.)

How To Paint A Back Splash - Inexpensive Back Splash

How To Paint A Back Splash - Inexpensive Back SplashHow To Paint A Back Splash - Inexpensive Back Splash

How To Paint A Back Splash - Inexpensive Back Splash

Ew! Let’s add some crown molding to those cupboards!

How to Paint A Back Splash Inexpensive

Much better!

I feel like the most important thing I got out of this, is that I am not alone in my struggles.  I’m grateful when people are open about things that can be so hard to talk about, and have the strength and courage to share it.  It is like uncovering a ray of sunlight.

To Look Forward To:
At the end of the summer we are installing our new tile back splash and refinishing our cabinets.  We are also going to be repainting the walls and giving our counter tops a make over.  It is going to be a party!  🙂

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  • Christine

    Good job Kenz!! I love it! Way to be positive!

  • Susan

    I love this! I would really like to do this to my kitchen. Did you trace the tile w/ pencil and then to the tape? I’m just trying to think thru how to do this and wondering how to get the pencil off if I go that route. Erasing seems like a mess.

    • kenz

      I just held the tile up against the wall, made sure it was level (using the mini level), and tacked the tape up next to the edge. I didn’t trace it with a pencil… I’m sure you could though! After I tacked the tape up, I went over it and pushed it down into place. Let me know how yours turns out!

      • Susan

        Thanks! I am so step-by-step, no vision! I need to hear how things are done. That seems like an option I can do. I will try both and see what is easiest for me. Thanks so much. Your looks great. 🙂

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  • geneva

    you did an amazing job with the painted tiles love it love it!!

    • Kenz

      Thanks Geneva!