Photo Project: One Month

I blinked, and my baby was one month old.  I refuse to keep blinking.  Let the staring contest with life begin.

Evelyn Faye

If you search on Pinterest “baby growth pictures” you will see SO many cute ideas on how to document changes in your baby.


I’m in full on mom-mode, so of course all I do all day is take pictures of this little pumpkin, paparazzi style.


I decided that I wanted to do a weekly photo shoot, and a monthly photo shoot.  Babies change so quick, and I thought it would be fun to have 52 pictures to show changes in Evelyn’s first year.  After that, we’ll just stick to month to month.


I also have a rehab level mild addiction to America’s Next Top Model, so I’m just doing my best to make Tyra proud.  Hashtag: fierce & love.  Hashtag: Pot Ledom.  (Hashtag: Embarrassed.  Hashtag: Please don’t judge me.)


One of my maternity pictures was me holding this felt nesting doll up to my bump.

Interiors By Kenz Maternity Photos

It made perfect sense to keep using this doll as the control against the variable.

Weekly Photo Project


It is astonishing how much she has changed in 4 weeks.  She hardly looks like a newborn anymore.  In her first week of life she lost 9% of her birth weight.  Then she made huge strides by gaining 40 grams a day.  Evelyn has chunked up speedily.

Month 1_ Baby Growth Pictures


Little Girl wasn’t a fan of sitting by herself in the Strandmon.  I might be biased, but I do declare that she has the cutest Cry Face.


What we have learned about Evelyn’s personality so far:

Having her hands by her face.
Having the bassinet pre-heated before being laid in it.
Listening to a track of a heart beat on repeat… all night long.  (Makes for some interesting dreams for me.)
Laying on Aaron’s chest.  Not mine though.

Tummy time.
Being lotioned.
Listening to mom rap.


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  • Bethany Kline

    love the nesting doll comparison idea! I can just picture her already at age two hugging it and smiling! You are such a good mommy! <3 I can't wait to see more of that sweet face! and it's not just you, her cry face is beautiful and perfect 😉 also I forgot how envious I am of that beautiful chair! want!!!

    • Kenz

      Thank you my friend! Being a mother is by far the best thing I’ve been so far in my whole life.

  • Cassie Bustamante

    what an adorable idea! you need to do that all the way til she goes to college and make a giant collage to give her!

    • Kenz

      haha yes! I probably won’t take weekly photos past a year. And I’m not sure when I’ll stop doing monthly photos, but DEFINITELY yearly pictures!

  • Absolutely love the picture of Evelyn with the scarf around her head! Great shot. I took pictures of my son (age 35) knowing he was my last child and I wanted to show him how he grew. I did monthly for sure with a lot of in-betweens. Your idea of using the nesting doll as a growing gauge is priceless…as will be the photos when she looks at them through the years. My son’s wife pulls the pictures out and compares them with their children’s growth.

    • Kenz

      Thanks Vickie! I love that picture too. She is such a doll. I’m glad I’m not the only mom obsessed with taking lots of pictures! That’s so cute that your daughter in law uses his pictures with your grandbaby!

  • OH how I smile to remember those times with my little people. I can still smell their sweet baby scent. I love that you are documenting her growth next to the doll. Precious! xo K

    • Kenz

      I love the new baby smell so much. It’s the best. I am definitely soaking up as much of every moment as I can. Thanks Kristin!

  • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

    SHE…IS…PRECIOUS!! I just want to eat her up! They change so fast don’t they? I’m glad you’re doing weekly pics! They’re so fun to look back on! It’s amazing how they can change in just one week’s time, isn’t it? You’re doing a great job mama!

    • Kenz

      Thank you! That means a lot. I LOVED your weekly photos of the girls in chair. I can’t believe how fast they change. I honestly didn’t think she would change this much in just 4 weeks.

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    omg that cry face. excellentttt

    • Kenz

      It cracks me up!

  • girlwithgreenbanana

    She is perfect! Truly, truly perfect. I want to meet her in person one day!

    • Kenz

      Oh thank you. I want you to come visit. We need to set a time to catch up. I’ll be in touch!

  • Laree Ipson

    She is adorable!

    (and I laughted so hard at that last dislike- did it take a lot of trial and error to discover that one?)

    • Kenz

      Haha, well, I just started rapping, and she started crying. And I stopped, and she stopped. This happened several more times. I died laughing after.

  • I’m currently dead. From the cute. Holy moly. This makes my ovaries hurt.

    She is adorable. And I feel you on the staring contest. Because I just had a five pound baby yesterday and when he woke up from his nap he was 30 pounds and 19 months old. Not fair.

    • Kenz

      I really don’t think I can handle how fast babies grow! Isn’t there a way we can slow it down??

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    Adorable! I love how you are documenting her weekly/monthly photos. It’s going to be really shameful at Evelyn and Beckett’s wedding when I don’t have his first year documented as well as you. I blinked and he was 4 months and I haven’t done a single monthly pic. Awful.

    • Kenz

      Oh please! I’m sure you have about a million pictures of Beckett. Their wedding will be the most joyous!

  • She’s seriously darling. I’m impressed that she is already hating on your rap skills. Give her time.

    • Kenz

      It’s really unfortunate because she seems to love when Aaron raps Weird Al… who I hate. She stops crying. Every. Time.

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    I love when babies smile in their sleep. So precious!
    LOL to the fierce video!

    • Kenz

      I love watching her make faces in her sleep. And toot. Baby toots in their sleep are so funny!

  • Ashley

    I did once a month photos of my girls… And ones of them next to their respective bunny and bear. I need to post them! But it was really fun to see them grow. Also, really stressful when they began wiggling like crazies.

    • Kenz

      Oh I want to see those pictures! Your girls are SOOOO cute!

  • Ashley

    Evelyn is precious, btw. 🙂

  • Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    Awww so sweet and precious. I blinked too and 12 years have gone by. Swsssssss…

    • Kenz

      That is my biggest fear! I’m not ready for a 12 year old!

  • mkmarie

    So cute! Congratulations on your sweet baby with the cutest name!

    • Kenz

      Thank you! I’m pretty smitten with her.

  • Beautiful girl! I love the first month pics, watching them slowly uncurl their legs, like, “whoa! there is SO MUCH SPACE out here!” 🙂

    • Kenz

      Haha it’s true. For the first couple of weeks, when we would put her in her jammies, she would just tuck her legs up, and not keep them in the actual leg spots of the pjs. It was hilarious.