Pineapple Sorbet Wallpaper Nursery (Hygge & West-Rifle Paper Co)

Part One: The Why

As a child I have a very vivid memory of what our house looked like.  Wallpaper in every room.  Wallpaper in the family room (cream with forest green grid on top).  Wallpaper in the kitchen (forest green with white polka dots…or small white flowers?).  Wallpaper border in one of the bedrooms (teddy bears, ducks with mauve bows, and hearts).  Wallpaper in my bedroom (rainbow gingham, but only up to chair rail hight).  Wallpaper in the bathroom, AND a wallpaper boarder.  The next vivid memory I have is the removal and for the next 10 years hearing my mother say, “I WILL NEVER WALLPAPER AGAIN!”  It left a lasting impression to say the least.

Every year at the parade of homes I see beautiful wallpapers in the models.  I look on Pinterest and see stunning wallpaper features in laundry rooms.  Several of my blog friends have done stunning wallpaper projects: Emily’s ostrich bathroom, Amber’s floral accent wall, Kelly’s floral closet, Katja’s textured entry, Anu’s modern entry (and way more that my pregnancy brain is struggling to remember).

And then I got sad.  I was sad because I was a wimp.  I loved all the wallpapers, but I was too afraid to commit.  I stuck with stenciled walls because I knew I could always paint over them… until I found this from Hygge & West, designed by Rifle Paper Co:

hygge and west pineapple sorbet wallpaper - riflepaperco

I showed a picture to Aaron and said, “What do you think about this for the nursery?”  I was still up in the air about it, but he was VERY insistent that we do it.  He reminded me that pineapples are the traditional way to say “welcome home” therefore making it the perfect place to bring home our new baby girl.

Since we already had a plethora of baby girl items leftover from Evelyn, we were able to splurge a little to get this wallpaper.

Who better to help me install this wallpaper than the queen of wallpaper herself, my mother!  I was worried she would talk me out of it, but she was very supportive!  She reminded me that as long as I don’t wallpaper the entire house, when we ARE ready to remove it, one wall won’t be that big of a deal.

Part Two: The How

**If you aren’t doing a wallpaper project, this part of the post will be pretty boring, since it is tips and tricks of the actual install.  Just enjoy the pictures!  If you ARE getting ready for a wallpaper project, I hope this helps you and can help you avoid some of the mistakes I feel like I made.**

Since I was doing the same brand of wallpaper as Amber from Wills Casa, I read and reread her tutorial over and over and found it very helpful.  I recommend you do the same if you’re planning on Hygge & West wallpaper.

Most wallpapers are pre-pasted, meaning you just have to get them wet, then stick it to the wall.  Not this paper.  It involves a special paste that you apply both to the paper and the wall.

These are the supplies we needed: 2 buckets (one for paste, one for water), the paste (which we purchased from Hygge & West as well), spreaders, razor blade, sponges, rollers.  Not pictured: plastic floor cover.


Make sure to mix your paste ahead of time, because it takes an hour to set up.  While it was swelling, we prepped the room with the drop cloth and towels because this is a MESSY process.

The first piece is the hardest to hang.  That’s what everyone will tell you.  You can’t count on walls being level, so need to get a level and measure then draw a “plumb line” straight down.  That is what you’ll line your wallpaper up with.  (Please see pictured my cute mama below!)


When you’re applying paste to the back of the wallpaper, do it liberally.  You’ll also roll paste onto the wall.


You’ll “book” the paper by folding it into thirds, and letting it sit for about 5-7 minutes.


You’ll line the paper up (to the pencil line if it’s your first piece- to the pattern if it’s any piece after that).  Make sure you cut your pieces long, because you’ll go back and trim it with a razor blade.  Once you have the paper in place, the real hard part happens: smoothing it out.  This is extremely messy.  You’ll have gooey paste oozing in every direction.  Don’t be afraid!  This is what you want.  It’s just difficult because the paper will start to wrinkle in places.

I found the best way to avoid wrinkles and creases is this method:  don’t start smoothing with the scrapers right away!  Loosely start smoothing the paper onto the wall with your hands, almost like you’re stretching the paper into place.  Start in the middle, then work your way to the edges.  THEN use your scrapers.  After I discovered this method I had far less wrinkles.

Use the sponge and washcloth to wipe off extra paste with warm water.  The wallpaper is very durable and strong.

We have slightly textured walls.  I went back and forth on deciding if we should do a skim coat to make the wall smooth, or leave the texture (knowing it would show through the wallpaper).  We decided to not cover the texture, because when we are done with the wallpaper, we don’t want to have to re-texture the wall to match the rest of the room.  However, I ended up being happy with this decision for another reason.  It hid any wrinkles that I was unable to smooth out.  And the texture is barely noticeable.

After each strip of wallpaper was smoothed into place, we held the edge of the scraper to the baseboards/ceiling, and ran the razor along the edge to trim it.

The most frustrating part of the project was the very last piece.  We had a gap of less than an inch that we had to fill.  It was pretty unbelievable.  We just trimmed the whole last piece down to about 4 inches, then after pasting it in place, cut it with the razor.


Part Three: The Finished Product 

Here’s the nursery before:


After about 5 hours of messy work later (and a sneak peek at the dresser I scored on a thrift hunt!):


I just need to give another huge shout out to my mom for helping me with this.  Wallpapering is definitely a two person job, and I couldn’t have done it without her.  We had such a great time talking and laughing while working on a project together.  It was a really special day to spend with her, and I’m happy that when I see this wall I can remember how much fun it was to create it with my mommy!


There are 2 different seams in this picture, and you have to look really close to find them.  The pattern matched up almost perfectly, which I was surprised about because of the hand-painted nature of the pattern.


This pineapple pattern is EVERYTHING.  I love the blush color of the flowers.  I love that it’s on a white background, and it’s the same shade of white as the other walls in the room.  It flows together really well.  I love how happy and cheerful it is.

Evelyn was adorable while I was trying to photograph the room.  She loved reaching for the pineapples and patting them.


(Also, can you believe how curly her hair is?!)



We are very excited to welcome home our Tiny-girl, the pineapple of our eye.




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  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    it looks LOVELY- such a good choice! 🙂

    • kenz

      Thank you! We are so so happy with how it turned out. I can’t wait for you to see it in person!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    It’s incredible!! You couldn’t have picked a prettier paper for the nursery!! Also Evelyn is beyond adorable. It kills me!

    • kenz

      I seriously owe so much to you. I really did read and reread (and made my mom read) your tutorial over and over. You helped more than you know! I can’t wait for the Evelyn + Beckett wedding 🙂

  • This looks gorgeous – what a perfect sentiment and design for a beautiful little girl’s nursery. And E is just too sweet. Love her little face.

    • kenz

      Aww, thanks my friend. I always like the girls’ rooms to have some kind of meaning. With Evelyn’s it was a little more churchy… we did royal colors to remind her she was the daughter of a King. Tiny’s is more on the fun side, but to remind her that even though she was a surprise, she is a welcome addition to our family and we’re happy to have her!

  • I love this paper! Such a great choice! I’d love to join the wallpaper club one day too!

    • kenz

      Brynne, you should definitely join the wallpaper club! After you take the first leap into it, you’ll ask yourself what the big deal was haha. And you’ll also understand the addiction our parents had. I keep asking myself “where else could I wallpaper?!” Then I have to remember “NO! KEEP IT SIMPLE KENZ!”

  • I also have very specific memories of the wallpaper in your house growing up! The pineapples are adorable! And super classy. Tiny-girl will love it!

    • kenz

      Thank you! I KNOW there’s a picture of us hugging in a corner of the wallpapered TV room. I am determined to find it!

  • Beth @ Sawdust and Embryos

    OMG! I loooove this wallpaper!! And HOW CUTE IS EVELYN?! I can’t believe how big she’s getting!

    • kenz

      Thanks! I’m pretty much obsessed with the wallpaper. I always go in there just to look at it. I was afraid it would be too busy, but it’s not at all. And I can’t believe how big E is either. When (and how) did that happen?!

  • JaneEllen

    I don’t know which I was more enamored with, the wallpaper or your absolutely adorable sweet little girl. What a smile. That smile would charm anybody. Babies are just the best thing in life. She looks so happy and those little tootsies all curled up as she walks. I love babies, had few of my own.
    Pineapple wallpaper is so pretty, new tiny-girl will be kept busy looking at pineapples, counting them before she knows how to count. Love colors in that paper. You are one brave girl, glad you had super time with your Mom, those are some of best times aren’t they? You both did fantastic job, where are the lines? Should be very proud of yourselves. I am total chicken and too impatient to go thru wall paper hanging procedure.
    Have missed lots of emails/posts due to new windows 8.1 pc and ornery internet, so would you tell me how far along you are?
    Looking forward to seeing finished nursery and even more, new baby girl. Such a fantastic time in your lives, having babies, establishing a family as you go along.
    Hope you are having glorious Spring weather where you are. I’m looking out back door at mountains, amazing clear blue sky. Think I ought to thank my stars we live where we live, had mild winter here for first time since we’ve been here (2004).
    Happy weekend.

    • kenz

      You are so sweet Jane Ellen! I always enjoy your comments. I don’t think you’ve missed a lot of my posts, I just haven’t been posting very much. I’ve been really busy with my other job selling Real Estate. It hasn’t left very much time to blog. I’m so close to the end. I’m having the baby on April 15th. I’m very nervous about being a mom to two little ones, but also VERY excited to meet this sweet girl. I’m hoping Evelyn will love being a sister, although I’m really nervous she is going to start acting out for more attention. Wish me luck with that! We have been having really beautiful spring weather also. We’re located in Salt Lake City, and it has been a mild winter as well. Where are you at? I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter. Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    That is the best paper ever. Love it so much and I can’t believe how big she is.
    (My parents wallpapered everything too)

    • kenz

      I like to give my mom a hard time for all the wallpaper she had in our house growing up. I’m glad she has a good sense of humor about it. And isn’t Evelyn so big? I think she’s going to look like a GIANT when Tiny gets here.

  • I love it! And I think people have learned from the wallpaper overindulgence of the 80’s; a wall here and there is not the same thing as plastering that stuff up in every single room! (my friend bought a house like that….it even had a wallpapered CEILING in one room). Can’t wait to see more of the nursery!

    • kenz

      Ug, I can’t imagine the horror of INSTALLING a wallpaper ceiling… or the horror of removing it. I’ve seen some pretty pictures on Pinterest of wallpapered ceilings, but that’s an idea I just refuse to get behind

  • i was going to comment on how awesome the paper was, but i got distracted by the cutest pigtail ever!!!!!

    • kenz

      haha, it’s a pretty cute piggy. I can’t wait to do two! Her hair needs to get a little longer for that, because when I try, she just looks like an alien haha.

  • Such a cute pattern……but I have to say EVELYN IS ADORABLE! I love that expression!

    • kenz

      Thanks Diane! Being adorable comes pretty naturally to Evelyn 🙂

  • I LOVE this! It’s so pretty and fun! And that kid of yours is too much cute! Way too much!

    • kenz

      Thank you! She’s too much of everything she is haha… today, it’s too much stinker!

  • Mila

    I was thinking of doing a similar post for my website… wallpaper applying! I will use these instructions as reference for my “do it like a blogger” series.
    I love the wallpaper too