Renovation Woes

What To Expect When Renovating

Uncovering problems.  It’s inevitable.

You may be aware that we have been working on our basement nook for quite some time now.  (7 months, but who’s counting?)  Our first major issue happened when we went to move electrical.  We have a three-way (he he!) switch in the hall way.  Aaron rewired one of the switches (the right way) and the whole thing stopped working.  Uh oh.  Not even the pros could figure out how in high heaven it got that bad.  After weeks (literally), it was sorted out and buttoned up!  HOORAY!  I was feeling pretty good about where we were at.  Just about ready to dry wall everything in.

Building a Nook Under a Load Bearing Wall under the stairs

Today was the day to take out the boob lights flush-mount lights, and put in recessed lighting.  I WAS SO EXCITED!

How To Install Can Lights/ Recessed Lights

Gross lights… cute puppy.

How To Install Recessed Lights

Based on the size of the room, I came up with a balanced measurement of where six 6″ recessed lights would go.  I snapped my chalk lines and traced my 6″ circles where the lines crossed.  Then the fun part (it really is fun!)… cutting the holes.  An inexpensive key-hole saw works just fine.  *Note- make sure there are no studs where your holes will be going.

As soon as the holes were cut,  it was time to take the boob lights down.  That was when my day took a major turn for the worse.

Electrical Problems During Renovations

Yes.  That is an EXTENSION CORD (NOT ELECTRICAL WIRE!) spliced to the wires of the boob light.  Um, WHAT?!  Highly illegal, and extremely dangerous.  How has this house not burned down?!  It really is unbelievable.  I cannot believe who ever finished this basement.  They should feel ashamed of their laziness.  This wiring is so shady, and only gets worse.  The thing is, we did have a home inspection.  These are just things they can’t catch without opening up walls.

Electrical Problems During Renovations

This was plugged into an outlet attached to the floor joists… HIDDEN above the ceiling.  There were two extension cords… one to each light.

Electrical Problems During Renovations

So now the priority is straightening out all of the electrical in the ceiling.  It is a mess.  That is an understatement.  I am frustrated, angry, and discouraged.  I just want our basement to be done.  I have such a beautiful vision for this room!  I am getting insanely impatient.  I hope this is one of those moments where “one day we will look about this and laugh. “

Have you had any crazy renovation discoveries?

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