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This post is coming to you directly from the IT department of Interiors By Kenz. Ok, ok, so It’s just me Aaron (Kenzies husband), but I have important IT news for you!

Last night I finally decided to move this blog from it’s old host onto a new server. I know what’s going through your head right now; “Say what now? Host? Server? Whatchamacallit?” Yeah, that’s not really the important bit. The important part is that on this new server I have far more control than the previous one. This translates to less down-times, faster page-loads, and the ability to handle far more traffic than we previously could.

We did have intermittent downtime throughout the night last night, and this will continue over the next 24 hours. There really wasn’t any “good” time to make this move but it had to be done. Why, just yesterday this blog went down for a short period of time on the old hosting provider (who I will not name here, but if you’d really like to know you can contact kenz and we’ll fill you in).

To our visitors who tried to access our site when it’s been down in the past, or in the last few hours because of the move I am truly sorry. We strive for perfection here at the Green Meadow Manor (that’s what we’re calling our home these days… ), and it hurts to know that we’ve let some of you down. This move will enable us to better deliver content to you, and will hopefully make up for our previously inconsistent up-times.

Ok, I’ll bring my techno-babble and apologies to an end now. Happy DIY Saturday folks! Got any cool projects you’re working on today?

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  • Fancy pants. I just use Blogger. Some day I will be a big girl and speak this mumbo jumbo. Good luck with the move!

    • Kenz

      It’s all greek to me. Aaron is always like “bla bla bla, MVC framework, codes, C# and stuff.” And I”m like “oh… yeah… I know how to spell words.”