Sneak Peek Into Our Not-Quite-Finished Rooms


Here’s a taste of what we have been up to the past week.  In my opinion, one of the biggest joys is seeing a room finally come together, exactly how you imagined it.
What do you think so far?


I love that metal wall so much.

eclectic guest room - craft room - exercise room

Once upon a time (last week), we had 2 guest rooms in the basement, and a separate craft/exercise room.  We have lost the use of those 3 rooms (big news coming soon) and combined them into one room upstairs.

mint green guest room

My loves taking a rest  🙂

MINT GREEN - eclectic guest room - craft room - exercise room

There will be official room reveals at a later date and time.  But right now, the house is in a state of Musical Chairs Rooms.

Have a great weekend! 


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