So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way


Salutations!  Welcome to the first publication of FILM FRIDAY!  I thought it would be fun every now and them to take a peek into some famous rooms in film, and create mood boards with links as to where you can find similar items of these familiar places.  I figure the pilot episode of this series should start with the infamous set of Friends. (Dun nuh-nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh nuh-nuh.  Dun nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh…. *clap clap clap clap*)  Now you have it stuck in your head, don’t you?  No need to thank me.

Monica & Rachel’s Apartment

Don’t pretend that you never dreamed of living in this apartment.  I remember being in middle school and watching Friends with my older sister Gina, and talking about how we wanted an apartment just like this one.  I’m not embarrassed to admit it!  Their apartment is Shabby Chic with a capital Delightful!  Everything about the apartment is charming and cozy from the purple walls, to the teal cabinetry.  I would even dare say that they started the trend of mis-matched dining chairs.  Their apartment has industrial elements:  the beams, the old paned window, the exposed brick, and vintage appliances.  But they tone it down with lots of feminine elements:  the thick drapery, soft textures in the furniture and rug, and floral arrangements.





In case you ever feel like having a design like Monica & Rachel, here’s a little mood board to point you in the right direction.


1.  Paint:  Brave Purple by Sherwin-Williams
2.  Paint:  Maxi Teal by Sherwin-Williams
3. Sofa: Pottery Barn
4.  Coffee Table:   Amish Direct Furniture
5.  Rug:   Bellacor
6.  Wall Art:   Amazon
7.  Peep Hole Frame:
8.  Vintage Fridge:   Big Chill
9.  Throw Blanket:   Style Hive 

Who’s TV/Movie house did you ever dream of living in?  

PS:  Check out my guest feature over at “Broke Ass Home” today.
You’ll love Emma, and you’ll love her blog.


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  • Henriette

    I used to dream of purple walls, just because of Monica and Rachel’s apartment! Right now I want blue walls with white moldings, Carrie-style!

    • Carrie’s apartment is gorgeous! Maybe I’ll have to put her apartment in the queue for film friday.

  • Benji

    Love the idea of this post, as a Friends fanatic myself. Unfortunately, my first apartment was no where near as ice. It was smaller than the bedroom I had at my parents’ house!

    • Kenz

      Hey Benji! I am right there with ya! My first apartment seemed like quite the hole in the wall. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.