So You Came To See My Furniture?

Let’s be real.  Wednesday was one of the best days of my life.  It was like Hanukkah all week.  New packages kept showing up on my porch.  Fabric, wall prints, milk paint, rugs… finally (cheap) furniture.

I WAS SO NERVOUS.  Have you ever bought furniture online?  There’s only so much you can do.  There’s really only ONE thing you can do:  measure.  Measure, measure, measure.  And I did.  I wore out that tape measure.  But what if it wasn’t comfortable?  What if the colors were wrong?  What if the scale still wasn’t right?  Pictures on the interweb can lie.  And this furniture was shipped from Mexico.  If I didn’t like it, I’d have to pay to ship it back.  Ummmm… no.

I had a suspicion that there was a small Mexican family inside the box: A) to help put together my furniture, or B) ask for their furniture back.


No Mexican family inside.  We can proceed / celebrate.


Does anyone else see that foam “Texas?”


Addi and I broke out our elf tools and went to work assembling furniture.  It was simple.  Way easier than any IKEA furniture I have put together.  The Swedes could take a lesson from the Mexicans.

If you remember, I suck at making mood boards, and here is the mood board I made for this room.  (Admit it, you all were secretly worried when I posted this.)


And here is the execution.


If you don’t like it, doesn’t matter.  The furries like it.





Back to the living room analysis.  The slipper chairs are “soft concrete” color.  I am now on the prowl for a suitable lamp for that table.  I know I won’t find one and I’ll have to simply DIY something up.  If you have ideas, let me know.


The table.  I picked up that crap-chute at the thrift store.  I loved the chevron/herringbone pattern on the top.  I was originally going to turn this table into an ottoman, however… I am now thinking of giving it a rustic finish RH style.  Votes please.


The settee.  Oh mama.  Have mercy.  Does sexy-settee take your breath away also?  A two-person wing-back chair, if you will, and I will.


The rug(s) was a slight issue.  The rug I wanted didn’t come in the size I needed.  I decided to put two rugs together.  Some people frown upon that.  However, I still love it.  It adds to the “eclectic” feel.  I love this rug.   It is like your fun college room mate… that piece that brings energy to a room and makes you smile.  (And won’t steal your clothes or your boyfriend.)


In the artsy-fartsy umbrella we’re looking for fun, pop-ish, Andy Worhol-esque  art.  I want the colors in the art to match the rug.  Here is the first piece of more to come.


 The fabric for pillows.  It was originally going to be the upholstery for the ottoman, but I thought it would look terrible with that rug.  I DO think it will make for nice accent pillow covers.  It is so juicy with Ikatty goodness.  It’s dripping with lush lovely color.


Mix and bake til gold and bubbly, and voila:  living room status!


I was having a little “over-exposure” problem… so the only view available to you from the dining room has to be a “night time” view.


To wrap this up:  Buying furniture online was a success.  It felt like that moment when you waited all summer to get your AP Test scores in the mail, and you found out you passed with a 3.  It was happy because you didn’t fail.

Source list:
Slipper Chairs

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Have a stellar weekend!

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    I would MARRY that loveseat.

    Marry it. Divorce my husband, and marry that loveseat. It’s true. and I would make Buster come with us.

    Did you whip stitch the two rugs together or are you flying on a hope that they’ll stay together? I had to do this with two smaller shag rugs once (two smaller shags were less expensive than one big one so I bought them and sewed them together)


    Also, I’m not one for the Keep calm art, but i like how yours is personalized. I also like that your name is crowder and your house is so crowded full of adult man babies. 🙂

    • That love seat is the greatest. And it is comfortable to boot.

      I didn’t stick the rugs together yet. I’m still deciding if I want to do that. I’m getting those non-slip mats and carpet tile stick things on the bottom to keep them together. But so far the separation has been a non-issue.

      Usually I don’t like Keep Calm art either. Aaron really wanted one. So I figured if we could make it outrageous and pop-y I could go for that. And our house is SO crowded with my man babies. But I love them so.

  • looks awesome!!, where did you buy it?

  • Candice Rigtrup

    LOVE…absolutely LOVE that couch!
    I have to ask the same question…where on earth did you find such great pieces?

    • Okay, I updated this post with a source list from where I ordered the furniture. I would highly recommend Home Decorators. They were great to work with, AND they delivered the furniture 10 days early 🙂

  • dear lord that settee is gorgeous.
    also, maybe for the coffee table paint the sides and legs a fresh white or light gray, but leave the herringbone showing?

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