Spray Paint an Old Chandelier… Again

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I had a job to do.  When we have parties, which is often, we push the table up against the wall, so everyone can hit their head on the dandy chandy.  Our creative ghetto solution was to tie it to a pillar.  Naturally.

ghetto chandelier

Due to my sledge hammer happiness, there is no half wall to tie the chandelier to.

And… with our new open concept arrangement, the chandelier no longer hangs properly over the table.  Le sigh.

ghetto chandelier

Because everything comes in threes, let’s just say I HATED IT RED.  After we started styling the living room, red clashed bad.

I am a crazy lady, and volunteered my construction zone to be the venue for my big sister’s baby shower, and the last thing I wanted was people bonking their heads on that swinging piece of metal.  Since I had to take it down to add more chain so I could swing it… I might as well give it a makeover.  🙂

I took it down ALL BY M’SELF!  (Aaron was at meetings.)

At least I was smart enough to turn off the power to the dining room before turning myself into gluten free toast.

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

And I unwired it like it was my J-O-B.

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

Since this was my 2nd round at spray painting a chandelier, I’m basically an expert.  So I expertly roped it up in my ghetto-garage.  (I love the person who made a comment on the Facebook post asking if a tent was involved.  Thanks for being so dang rad.)  I left the garage door open as to not cook myself in VOCs.  But… it was tempting.

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

Priming was a no brainer.  Then it was straight to gun-metal grey.  I don’t mess around.  Especially when I have 2 days to get a chandelier down, repainted, dried, and hung back up (by myself, thanks to a late-night-workin-bread-winner) before the party.  And of course I knew this party was coming for 2 months, and I waited 2 days to get started.  #Procrastinators4Life

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

Three coats later, I was ready to hang her back up.  But this time, I was going to install a hook.  So you know, we could raise and lower her at will instead of roping her sideways.  AND so we could swing her right over the table.  Every Chandy needs a little swag.

To install the hook, we used a toggle bolt.

toggle bolt

It was easy peasy.  You just start to twist the screw in, then punch the butterfly part in the ceiling, and then it is there for good.  Toggles are meant to hold the weight of 19 Hun soldiers (I watched Mulan this week.), and mainly chandeliers.  The hook attached to the other end of the screw.  We were left with this nice consequence:

Spray Paint an old Chandelier

I’m a fan.  Hooks all around!

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

I’m also a major fan of the new color.  Much less punchy than the red, and more cohesive with the living room.  It’s like learning to wear matching socks.  Like picking a chandelier color, I was happy I got my socks right the 2nd time around.

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

Aaron also bought me flowers to say “GOOD JOB HOME GIRL.”  What a nice eternal companion.

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

My shaved dogs sat in the sun quietly while I photographed the dandy chandy.  It’s probably because they’re contemplating their sadness at being publicly naked.  It’s easy to sulk in embarrassment.  Poor pups.  Bad haircuts are the worst.

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

Spray Paint an Old Chandelier

Do you think I’m getting boring by removing the color from my house?  Am I sucked into the trendy grey-wave?  More importantly, are YOU?!

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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    Oh that looks MUCH better. I love the gunmetal. And no, you are not getting sucked into the gray wave- you still have green and blue walls, etc. Plus, it’s spray paint- if you feel like you need more color later you can always do it again.

    PS: why do you cut my babies hairs like that? leave them alone!!!

    • Kenz

      Agreed. I like it the way it is now. It matches the furniture much much better. And… It was actually KARL who took them to the groomer. But they had so many mats, it was necessary to shave them. Boo to long hair puppies. So much work to keep them untangled.

  • I wanted to like the red better, but you are right–it’s way more awesome now :). love it!
    Gable comes home from the groomer looking like that. Naked except for the ears. And the tail; they leave a bunch on his tail. The first time I posted a picture of him like that on facebook someone said, “his tail looks like the thing I use to clean out under my fridge.”

    • Kenz

      HAHAHAHAHAhaHAHAH! Oh my gosh, this made me laugh for 2 minutes straight. You know, I was thinking under my fridge was a little dirty. I now know what I should be using 🙂

  • I definitely think this new color is great… gray train all the way! wooo wooo!!!!
    … those poor naked pups. haha

    • Kenz

      Thanks! I like it too. And I know… those poor animals. They look terrible. They had SO many mats, that shaving them was the only option.

  • Ooo, I like! I need to find a chandelier to paint for my craft room. I’ll hire you. And by hire, I mean I’ll let you do it. I think you have to do what you like. I love color in other people’s houses but I don’t feel comfortable living in it.

    • Kenz

      K, I’ll make a chandelier for you. How about CORAL?! YES!

  • Heather

    Ha…I’m rad!! That was totally me that left the tent comment. I feel pseudo famous…well maybe famous is a bit over the top, but I’m feeling pretty dang important right now. Oh yeah, I do love the new chandy. Very cohesive!

    • Kenz

      Heather, you are SOOOOO rad. And you ARE pseudo famous 🙂 Let’s have a party.

  • Did you go to my Grandmother’s groomer? That is the cut her bichon always ends up with… (it is actually possible- we are all SLCo area people too….)

    • Kenz

      801- Represent!! 🙂 Ug, their haircuts are HORRIBLE! I hate that they leave their tails like that. We asked them not to… and they did anyway. It was actually Karl who took them to the groomers. I just keep telling myself that their hair will grow back and they’ll be fluffy soon!

  • Aww! I always feel so bad with doggies with bad haircuts, but I think your furs look adorable. And I LOVE the chandelier redo. It looks so cohesive.

    • Kenz

      Thanks Tracie! The dogs will end up being okay 🙂 Haha, they just need to grow out a little bit lol

  • Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    I loved it in the red – paint it back right now! LOL just kidding. Although I loved it in red, I am also a BIG FAN of the gray. And I love the rounded bulbs in it. Looks terrific. Looks like we both did some spray can action this weekend although my project was much less ambitious than yours. You rock!!!

    • Kenz

      Your project was still great! I LOVE the idea of a colorful chandelier… but I think I would need more neutral walls first. I’m sure that will happen when I get bored… again 🙂

  • Amy

    One time I found a bright neon yellow chandelier at the DI and painted it punched brass. The only problem was that it was a plug in, not a wire in. So we might have went ahead and wired it in to our old wiring… ummm. yea. The house hasn’t burnt down!

    • Kenz

      Hey! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do 🙂 I do know that they make wiring kits for chandeliers to change it either TO a plug, or FROM a plug. But honestly, I’m sure your way is just fine!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    First off I love that chandelier! I’m not a huge red fan, but it looked great red. The grey is awesome too. It looks better in the space! Good choice.

    • Kenz

      Thanks Amber!!

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  • Janelle

    Thanks so much for the inspiration. I hate my 80’s brass looking chandler and always wonder what I should do with it. Now I know. Following you from Decor and the Dog link up.

    • Kenz

      Thanks Janelle! It’s good to meet you. Thanks for coming over 🙂 You’re great!

  • Brittney Paulsen

    Oh My Gosh too funny. I just learned of your blog today from your guest post on Sawdust and Embryos, and decided to check out your DIY, get a feel for it to see if I wanted to follow you. AND… I sooooooo flippin do!!! So back to the funny part. I have been staring at my hideous brass chandy for 2 years and finally decided it needed a change. So about 8 months ago I got a can of flat black spray and showed that chandy who’s boss. Moving forward to today…. it is literally the exact same chandy as you have!!!!

    • Kenz

      Brittney! I’m glad you decided to stick around 🙂 We WOULD have the same chandy! It’s because we are the coolest kind of people. You should send me a picture of your chandelier. I want to see it!!