Spray Painting Do’s and Don’ts

An evaluation of Rust-oleum Spray Paint, Valspar Spray Paint, and Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint, and a list of spray paint project ideas.


Spray Paint a Chandelier

Spray Paint a Chandelier

ALWAYS prime the surface, even if the primer is “built in” with the spray paint.  It took 2 cans of spray paint.  I loved the Rust-oleum Apple Red for this project.

Spray Paint a Chandelier

Spray Paint a Chandelier


Spray Paint Picture Frames

Spray Paint Picture Frames for a Gallery Wall

Prime wood and metal frames.  I used Valspar Spray Paint.  It was about the same price as Rust-oleum, but there was not enough in the can.  I had to use 3 cans.  On another note, it really did smell like banana Laffy Taffy.  (Click here for the whole Gallery Wall Tutorial!)

Spray Paint Picture Frames for a Gallery Wall

Spray Paint an Old Filing Cabinet

Spray Painting Tips and Tricks

We had this old ugly filing cabinet floating around.  To breathe new life into it, I threw on 2 cans of Rust-oleum Green Apple.  Of course, I primed it first.  It was the easiest makeover for a quick splash of color to our work-in-progress office.

Spray Painting Tips and Tricks

Don’t judge our office… it is still a mess coming together.  But I like the filing cabinet lots 🙂  My regal little prince loves this room.  I always find him sitting in the sun in here.  Adorbs.

Spray Painting Tips and Tricks

Spray Paint Old Kitchen Chairs To Be Used Outside

Spray Paint Kitchen Chairs

These two tired kitchen chairs were in the shed when we bought the house.  I was going to throw them away, but then though, “I could spray paint these and use them on our patio!”  So I did that.  I wanted them “Tangerine Tango,” and it turned out more red.  Thanks a lot, Valspar.  Nah, but they will look better “after” than “before.”  I did not sand these chairs.  Just primed and colored.

Spray Paint Old Kitchen Chairs

Spray Paint Old Kitchen Chairs

Upholstery Spray Paint: A Big Failure

Fabric Spray Paint

I saw fabric spray paint on Pinterest, and was DYING to try it.  After 4 cans of Simply Spray Fabric Paint, this was the result.  It did not cover the pattern, as you can see.  Had this chair been a solid color, I’m sure this would have worked.  Now you know NOT to spray paint your patterned upholstery.  PS, it really does dry soft.

Fabric Spray Paint

 Click here for my review on using a power paint sprayer!

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  • I love all the color in our home!!

  • Karin

    Kenzikens I think the chair looks good! The pattern is kinda pretty! Even your failures are amazing looking.

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  • I actually love the painted chair and think it turned out awesome!

    • I think I was just disappointed it didn’t cover the pattern. It’s good to know that in the future I can change the “back ground color” of a pattern on fabric. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mag

    I have been sweating and biting my nails over the question of whether or not to paint my unfortunately water-stained (thank-you-cross-country-movers) white loveseat. It’s still in such perfect shape and so comfortable, but ugly brownish water stains on a white couch? Gross.

    Is the fabric spray paint really safe? And soft?

    • You know, the kind of fabric spray paint I used, really really sucked. The coverage wasn’t great, and it was expensive. It WAS soft and safe… but I wouldn’t really recommend it.

      I have heard of people using regular paint. and mixing a textile medium to soften it. I have mostly seen it on pillows, but I think you should be brave and try it on a couch! What do you have to lose, right? And then, you should send me pictures!

  • Diba

    The armchair – a failure? Are you kidding me??? The seethrough pattern is a feature – not a bug. You turned a so-out-of-style thing into something that seems very contemporary to me. Modern with a twist. Or oldfashioned in a totally cool way. I’d love to see the legs painted in matching red or perhaps shiny black. Second hand furniture has a whole new appeal now!

    • Kenz

      Hi Diba! It’s funny how some people love it and some people absolutely hate it. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder 🙂 I love second hand furniture. I’ve read some better tutorials on painting upholstery using a fabric medium. And it seems to work really really well!

  • Maggie

    How has the paint on the patio chairs held up? I am wanting to spray paint my kitchen chairs this week but I’m worried about how the seat wears. Does it wear off easily? Will it rub off onto our pants? Those kind of worries… Did you cover it in a layer of clear coat? Thanks! Love your projects here!

    • Kenz

      Hey Maggie 🙂 We have actually left ours outside all winter. We use these chairs as patio furniture. They are showing a bit of winter wear, from all the snow. But I didn’t seal them. If I had sealed them, and stored them in the shed, I know they would be MUCH butter. We don’t get any paint rubbing on our bums, but I would DEFINITELY make sure to seal it with a clear coat. Good luck with your chairs. I can’t wait to see. I’d LOVE to feature them 🙂

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  • Haley

    Is it possible to purchase that spray painted red wingback?

  • tina

    you ruined a pretty chair! ugh…you can brush on the color and have it cover thicker just fyi…make your own concoction of 50% paint 50% textile medium

    • kenz

      I’m aware I ruined it, that’s why I put it in the spray painting “dont” list. Ironically I was able to sell it to someone who actually loved it and used it as a photo prop. I am also aware of textile medium. I have done several other projects published to my blog where I”ve painted fabric, and they’ve turned out great 🙂 Thanks!

  • connie

    so a quick question I love the filing cabinets we just purchased five and I could not find what color you used except the rust oleum satin green apple what were the other two thanks so much

  • Tina Engel

    Good God folks, it’s not the same chair. The patterns don’t match.

    • Coral

      Good eye. It’s the same pattern, different placement. She probably had a pair and use one for the before and painted the other. You can see she’s mid-process on the third photo of the chairs, and indeed the fabric is the same but placed a little differently.

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