Strut Your Stuff: Kitchen Art Revival

Today’s Strutting comes to you from Stephanie  in central Massachusetts.   She is a rad little cookie.  She has a sensational blog called Sandpaper & Glue.  She is a trash to treasure kind of girl.  You’ll love her.  Go over to her blog and give her ten million hugs!

I am counting this post also under the Thrifty Thursday umbrella.  When she moved into her new house, there was a bunch of junk left behind.  (Sound familiar?  Me and Stephanie have so much in common!  I know all about “inherited furniture.”)  One of the items left in the house was this little pageant queen:


Time to give Honey Boo Boo a makeover.    Priming is always a must – it’s like the spray tan for the toddlers in tiaras.


On either side of the mirror she wanted a pin board.  Stephanie found some adorbs fabric and cover cardboard with batting and stuffed it in there.  I will liken this as to the pageant dress.  The frill if you will.  And I will!


Now twirl and smile!


Pose for the judges!  (And NEVER forget to bat your fake eye lashes.)


And the winner of this year’s pageant is:  STEPHANIE’S KITCHEN ART REVIVAL!

I love it.  It looks terrific in her kitchen.  Good job Stephanie!  Don’t forget to check out the full tutorial and congratulate Stephanie on her new crown.

If you would like your projects or rooms to be strutted, email me your submissions at [email protected].

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  • oh my, I MUST pageant my demure pageant wave.
    I’d like to thank the filthy people that lived in the house before me, Zinsser primer for their excellent support, and Jo-Ann fabric’s online coupons. Without all of which, this never would have been possible. 😉

    Thanks for the feature!!!

    • lol, how triumphant! I was happy to have you and look forward to many more struttings 🙂

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  • For some reason there wass all of a sudden like 8 new blogpost from you on bloglovin, when there hasn´t been any in days (weeks?) – so now I have som reading to catch up on! 😀

    • Oh wow! I wonder if there is some error with the RSS feed. I better make the programmer-husband look into this. Thanks for letting me know! Have fun catching up lol. We’ve had new posts almost every day. And we’ve MISSED YOU HENRIETTE!