How I Know I Watch Too Many Renovation Shows

I Always Think I Can Tear My Walls Down *sigh*

How to Renovate A Small Kitchen on a Budget

With our basement project nearing its end (yaaay!!) I can’t help but formulate all these crazy ideas of what I want to do next.  I keep being drawn to our kitchen.  Aaron is dreading it because of how expensive kitchen renos can get.  I promised him we would keep it CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!  I was planning on making concrete counter tops, and then I had a brilliant plan, on how to add counter space.

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DIY Concrete Counter Tops: THE PLAN OF ATTACK!

My Biggest DIY Undertaking is Beginning NOW!

DIY Concrete Counter Tops - building plans

You didn’t think I’d actually do it, did you?!  RUDE!  Well.. I AM DOING IT! I am going to make my own solid surface concrete counter tops, with ALLLLLLL the benefits of granite, quartz, marble… Yeah!  You don’t need hot pads, you can cut veggies right on it, you can have dance parties on it, and it looks JUST AS AWESOME!
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