Renovation Woes

What To Expect When Renovating

Uncovering problems.  It’s inevitable.

You may be aware that we have been working on our basement nook for quite some time now.  (7 months, but who’s counting?)  Our first major issue happened when we went to move electrical.  We have a three-way (he he!) switch in the hall way.  Aaron rewired one of the switches (the right way) and the whole thing stopped working.  Uh oh.  Not even the pros could figure out how in high heaven it got that bad.  After weeks (literally), it was sorted out and buttoned up!  HOORAY!  I was feeling pretty good about where we were at.  Just about ready to dry wall everything in.

Building a Nook Under a Load Bearing Wall under the stairs

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Okay, we actually knew what we were doing.  I just needed a catchy title.  I have been really itching to start working on our basement.  I have been trying to come up with design ideas.  Like many other ladies out there, I have a severe addiction to Pinterest.  I have a dedicated pin-board called “Basement Brainstorm.”  It’s serious business, guys.  So I found a picture of a nook under the stairs.  It instantly became a must have.  I showed it to Aaron, and we came up with our own twist of it, and went and got the hammers.

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