Tell Me Who You Are!

Hello, My Friend, Hello.

Neil Diamond anyone?  No?  Okay… I just want to say: Welcome to all my new visitors and readers!  I’m so extra stoked you’re all stopping by my corner of the internet.  This is me when I see new readers come to ibk:

jumping for joy in my snuggie

Yep, I put on my Snuggie and jump each time I see a new reader pop by.  

So tell me about yourself!  Who are you?  What’s your story?  Do you have a blog?  Leave me the link so I can stalk you.  (In regards to my stalking talent:  Skillz run deep.)  I look forward to meeting you, my future internet friends. 🙂

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  • Emma

    Me! There’s me! But we’re already growing to be secret besties.

    World; I’m Emma! My hubby and I run Broke Ass Home ( out of Lansing, Michigan! Come see us too!

  • eranfaraway

    Hi Kenz! I’m Erin. I’ve been blog-stalking you for a couple weeks now. I just started a blog, here is the link: I live in very rural northeastern California with my boyfriend and a slew a critters. We have been remodeling the house we have been living in for the last 18 months in lieu of paying rent. I will never, ever do that again!

    • Hi Erin! I’m glad you’ve been stopping by. AND, I’m also glad you have HOT WATER now! That must be amazing 🙂 What part of NE California? Aaron’s grandpa lives in Portola. We go there about twice a year. I love that area. It sounds like hard work, remodeling for free. Keep it up!

      • eranfaraway

        I can’t believe you’ve heard of this area! How exciting! I live a few miles outside of Standish. It’s the shell gas station on 395N. It’s so much fun to see all of your projects! Keep up the inspiring work!

        • Thanks for sharing the link to your blog. I stalked it for a bit today, and I’m excited to see more of your adventures 🙂

  • Henriette

    I found your blog exactly 10 minutes ago while googling “draw on a plate with a sharpie”! 😀 I really want to make my own dinnerware, Marimekko style! Anyway, I red your “about me” and I am too an ambitious DIY-er with PCOS and I dream about making a living as a designer (but cant quit my day job quite yet!). Me and my man just bought our first house together so now Im going to trawl your blog for inspiration 🙂

    (and I am 25 and live in Tromsø, Norway )

    • Henriette

      Oh, and I also studied art history aaaand we are planning to buy small white dog (bichon havenese/frise, havent really decided yet – dont know which breed you have, but it looks kind of alike!) (I want a bulldog, but the man in the house is not to keen on those :-/ ) – WE ARE PRACTICALLY THE SAME PERSON. (in a non-creepy way of course.)

      • Hi Henriette! Good to meet my twin on the other side of the world 🙂 DIY, design, PCOS, House, Puppy, Art History… we practically ARE the same person lol. Our dog is a Maltese mutt… we don’t know what he’s mixed with, but I think he’s cute anyway! Do you have a blog? Send me the link if you do! I’d love to follow you 🙂

        • Henriette

          He is super cute! I dont have a blog yet, but have been thinking about creating one when we are moving in to the new house 🙂 I can leave a link when (if) that will ever happen 😉