The 12 Days of GMM Christmas!

12 days of Christmas for a family

On the first day of Christmas Mekenzie gave to us:
One Green Meadow Manor Gingerbread House Kit!

(Sorry the picture looks like cow shiz.  I was way too tired this morning to pull out the real camera.)

Turns out Aaron & my Man/Addi-babies are getting some surprises from now til Christmas.  😉

You can follow the whole 12 days over at Green Meadow Manor!

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  • You have incited in me a craving for ginger snaps! Also, I’m obsessed with ginger bread houses and can’t wait to see the after pics!

    • You know, I can’t eat gingerbread or anything of the like. I have a wicked bad cinnamon allergy. Lame, huh? But I’m really excited to make our gingerbread house. I’m hoping it’ll look like a candy replica of our house. It could end in a major disaster though! We’ll see!

  • Apparently moving and christmas takes up a lot of time, its now been 20 days and many blog posts to catch up on! 😀 This year was the first one I haven’t had the time to make a ginger bread house, didn’t even know that was a tradition on the other side of the world! I am so not talented in that area, mine always looks like empty, old, broken sheds where no one lives – and my friends are making these beautiful, delicate castles. I really shouldnt have skipped this year, I need the practice I can get.

    • haha I know what you mean! That’s how last Christmas in 2011 was for us. So busy we didn’t have time to do ANYTHING. And my gingerbread houses in the past are more on the side of abandoned sheds also 🙂 You are not alone