The Muddy Paw Giveaway

If you’re a new set of eyes reading my blog, there’s one thing you should know:

Indy & Buster are my most precocious little machines.  They are delightfully funny.

Indy & Buster Crowder.  Interiors By Kenz

Buster is 100% street.  He’s so hood it’s ridiculous.  Not sure what gang he came from in his previous life, but home-dawg got skillz.

Indy is a refined gentleman.  His manners are impeccable.  He might even be slightly sissy, some might say.

Indy & Buster Crowder.  Interiors By Kenz

Either way, I love them to Mongolia and back, and I ONLY give them the best.

A little while ago Indy & Buster were able to try some tasty treats from The Muddy Paw.

The Muddy Paw Bakery

Nom nom nom.

The Muddy Paw Bakery

The dogs acted like it was their first meal out of prison.  They went WILD for these treats.

The Muddy Paw Bakery

Buster even licked his lips in joy.

The Muddy Paw Bakery

 Now, Maggie is offering to give away some treats to YOUR dog!  Because she is awesome.

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

Like The Muddy Paw on Facebook

Visit to The Muddy Paw Esty Shop

Leave a comment on this post of what treat you’d like for your pup!

A winner will be announced Monday morning.

PS, Have you voted for your favorite blogs over at The Homies??

Please do!  Vote for all your favorite blogs.  I’d love a vote from my favorite homeslices (you).  Thanks!


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  • Katie

    Do we comment on Facebook what we’d like to win, or on facebook…?

  • Katie

    Do we comment on facebook or HERE…?

    • Kenz

      Comment here on this post 🙂

      • Katie

        Does this count? Lol entering ffor Mandy!!!

        • Katie

          Also I liked the peanut butter bones, Mandy loves peanut butter.

  • Oreo’s Mom

    Oreo would love the Barkin for Bacon bones!

  • Maggie makes the BEST dog treats!! Dutch goes nuts for them too.Her new Barkin’ Bacon bones look amazing. I might even eat one….

  • If I only had one..! Indy&Buster are the cutest, feel free to send one(or both) over, you dont reaaaallly neeeed both, do you? ;D

  • Mary Neubauer

    LOL… What’s up with the Barkin’ Bacon Bones. I think my lab would go NUTS for them! Thanks for the intro to Maggie’s. Definitely LIKED on FB

  • I love Indy’s tongue licking face. Too cute.

  • Candice Rigtrup

    I’m sure Bennie would LOVE any of the treats…but he IS a bacon fiend! Thanks for introducing us to a cool new way to get good treats!

  • Jen @ The Yellow Brick Cottage

    I voted for you, cause your my homie! I definitely “liked” Muddy Paws and saw their adorable Etsy shop. So cute! Anyway, as far as treats…all I know, is my dog has an unhealthy addiction to cheese, but I think she would like peanut butter! Those are adorable treats, maybe I should get some for my brother’s daughter…er…I mean french bulldog 🙂 (I love your doggies by the way)

  • My dogs like treats! I always say, “when in doubt, go with bacon” so I vote bacon 🙂

  • Janel

    My Luna goes crazy for peanut butter it was the ONLY was to get her to take her meds when she was sick, she now knows pain bill as peanut butter its kind of funny! So I would have to go with the Homemade Peanut Butter Bone Treats!

  • karen c

    I think my pup would prefer the bacon flavored treats. Yumm

  • Lauren

    Gizmo LOVES bacon and peanut butter! I think he would like any of them! Thanks for telling me about her Etsy shop! He is a picky little dog, and loves homemade treats!

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  • Vanlun

    They are so cute! Love your sweet doggies.