The Revolving Office Room

This is part 2 of the Musical Rooms saga.

TLDR: Aaron’s office was upstairs.  We had a free bedroom in the basement he decided to move his office to.  Then Karl got a drum set, and stole that room.  Much moving has happened.  They say that girls are indecisive.  But I say, I’ve never moved an office 3 times.  So…

Aaron didn’t change Karl’s paint color.  And I wasn’t about to help.  I wasn’t in the mood.  I’m like the grumpy cat DIYer.

This post isn’t some clever tutorial or any piece of mind blowing creativity.  It’s just a new set up of Aaron’s office in another basement room.

Basement Office Set Up

Basement Office Set Up

Karl decided to leave the hammock in this room.  Aaron loves it.  The dogs love it.  It is retractable, so it doesn’t always have to be set up.  It clips up with carabiners.  Convenient.  (My blog wants me to autocorrect “carabiners” to crabbiness.  Whaaaat?  

Aaron was legitimately taking a nap when I took this picture.  I found him like this on Saturday after I was crafting with my sister.  Turns out it his favorite nap zone.

Basement Office Set Up

Karl installed this closed system when he lived in this room.  He left it.  And it makes for good storage.  It was a good inheritance on Aaron’s end.

Basement Office Set Up

How ugly is that door?  (See how the hammock clips up?)

Basement Office Set Up

Basement Office Set Up

No hammock!

Basement Office Set Up

And so ends the tale of when a drum set comes to live at Green Meadow Manor.

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  • Vanlun

    Too funny! So the office went to the room now and no longer in the basement? Trying to keep it straight in my head. LOL, well decorating is never ending.

  • Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

    I really like that photo of the dog on the wall. And that hammock… Yes please. I want one 🙂

    • Oh you know… I’m just obsessed with engineer prints. I should get an engineer print of Buster next to the one of Indy.

  • my husband LOVES the retractable hammock idea! you have to teach us how to do this!

    • haha ok! It was really easy. Karl put eye hooks in studs, and we caribined it up!