Thrifty Thursday

Welcome to the first installment of Thrifty Thursday!  I encourage thrifting very much.  Many of the world’s best treasures lie within the bounds of thrift stores.  Here are my finds for the week:

antique type writer

Aren’t those globe book ends the shiz?  They are.  They will look ballin in the basement.  They were $3.50 each.  SCORE!  Those two books between them were bought by Mr Crowder.  He will be guest posting soon.  You will love the “Man Craft” segment.

antique globe book ends - thrift store

I was a snob Art History Major once.  And while I’m not wearing a tweed jacket smoking a pipe debating Jan Van Eyck tryptics anymore, I still enjoy a good art history book.  Especially an early 60’s version of one, with a fabric cover.  Check out the texture.  It’s breath-taking.  And, it’s one of the original Janson art history books!  (Stop me, before I make myself look even more dorky.)  This book?  $2.  Let me repeat.  Two. Dollars.

Old Art history Book

We were also able to find this slice of heaven.  An antique type writer.  These type writers have been going on the classifieds for $75-$125.  Thrift store price:  $10.  I almost felt like I was robbing the DI.

antique type writer

There is one more part to my thrift store discoveries.  It is so epic, it needs its own post.  BE EXCITED!  Everyone is giving me serious flack and doubting me… but I know YOU believe in me.  I will be revealing this mystery shortly!

What goods have you found thrifting lately?   Do share!

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