I am enchanted by all the juicy goodness of rustic/antique industrial design.   Maybe it has to do something with being immersed in it (for MONTHS) for the design sake of our basement.

Industrial Basement Mood BoardI love the natural elements that go into the design: woods, metals, leather, concrete, brick, and so on.

I found a treasure today, and I wanted to share it with you.  

Go there.  Look around.  {That is an order.}  You will not be disappointed.
Your eyes will speak Thank-You’s to your mind.
If it wasn’t so painfully expensive, I would buy up their whole shop.  But even just looking provides a wicked source of inspiration.  Here are some of my faves:

 Those bar stools make me weak in the knees.

vintage industrial antique furniture

vintage industrial antique furniture

I expect to have a shelving unit like unto this guy:

vintage industrial antique furniture shelving

Check out those sexy casters.  Yeah, I said it: SEXY CASTERS!

vintage industrial antique furniture
Do you love this design style too?  Or I am just cray?

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