Vintage Trailer Photo Shoot & Headshots

A few months ago when I found out I was going to be a DIY contributor to All Things Thrifty, I was asked for my headshot.  Um… yeah, about that…  Apparently selfies don’t count.

I reached out to my friend Valery from Valery Bunnell Photography.  She normally specializes in maternity, birth, and newborn photography (did you see Evelyn’s newborn pictures?!).  But with a little bit of arm twisting I was able to convince her to do a special photoshoot with our vintage trailer that I made over.

I’m sure you noticed my updated picture in the top corner of my blog awhile ago, but I thought it would be fun to share some of the other images from the shoot.  She really captured the beauty of my lil Myrtle!

The location is 5 minutes away from where we’re building our new house.  I’m in love with this area.  The beauty is breathtaking.

Mekenzie Crowder

Headshot Kenz

Vintage Trailer Photo Prop

Vintage Trailer

Vintage Trailer

Kenz Headshot


There you have it.  I promise I have a few blog posts in store.  I need to catch you up on Evelyn’s monthly photo project.  I need to show you how our house is coming along.

Since there have obviously been no house-projects, it’s been nice to take a little break from blogging during the summer.  I love blogging and the community, but I also love unplugging.  It has been really nice to recharge my battery.  Hopefully I’ll have some creative projects for you to see soon 🙂

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  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    hellooooo pretty lady & Myrtle! 🙂 I miss ya face. Or rather, your typed messages to me. lol! hope the build is going well!! <3

    • kenz

      Oh hai. I miss you too! I need to be better at being around.

  • anne @ wit wisdom and food

    Hey there! Been thinking about you and hoping you are doing great. Good for you taking time off is always a good thing. Saw one pic on instagram and can’t wait to see more. We Should be moving into a house early next year so I will be watching for ideas to steal!

    • kenz

      Yay! Moving into a house is always so much fun. I’m excited for you!!

  • I love these pictures so much. You are gorgeous. Myrtle is fab. And that view? Wow.
    I also love the “legs” pic. Super cute.

    • kenz

      Thanks Kim 🙂 The legs picture is my favorite.

  • what gorgeous photos, kenz! you are beautiful!!!! and that scenery- SWOON! wow- what a gorgeous place you will be living in!

    • kenz

      Thanks Cassie! We sure are excited to be living out here with the fresh air and pretty mountains!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    These photos are the best photos ever. Seriously incredible backdrop + Myrtle + your outfit. Just gorgeous!

    • kenz

      Oh please. We all know you’re the real model.

  • Mindy

    SUPER cute photos!!!!

    • kenz

      Thanks so much Mindy! You’re sweet.

  • I did notice the new headshot, and I love it. It’s fun to know the backstory and see a few of the other photos from your shoot. (I still have such trailer envy every time I see Myrtle!) I think breaks are good for the soul, which is ultimately good for the blog. I’ve missed your posts, but I know you’ll have great stuff when the time is right. 🙂

    • kenz

      I’m glad you understand 🙂 I always have to remind myself that my blog is a hobby, and not to feel imaginary pressure towards it. I’ve got a quick little 8 month old who loves my attention. I don’t want to miss any moments with her because I’m glued to the success of my blog. I do have some good posts lined up though. I just have to find the time to write them. Maybe one night after the babe is asleep I’ll muster the energy to do so!

  • This is absolutely charming. Love it!! I love that you included your vintage trailer in the shoot and your green outfit is adorable. Love these photos of you!!

    • kenz

      Thanks Katja! Green & Myrtle are basically my security blankets 🙂

  • kelly @ view along the way

    Wow! Those pictures are stunning! Myrtle is very photogenic. 😉 You look amazing, lady! Gorgeous, gorgeous.

  • The pictures turned out so lovely! That sunset is beyond gorgeous! I love how your dress matches the trailer, or should is say the trailer matches your dress 😉

    • kenz

      Thank you!