What’s Your Style?

HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz

Top o’ the mornin to ya!  Have you ever had a hard time defining your personal style?  You call it something like: “Outrageous goodness” and no one knows what you’re talking about?  Oh… well that happens to me.

HomeGoods has this sweet little quiz called the STYLESCOPE!   It’s pretty fun.  You just click a few pictures you like, and boom, it tells you!  Almost like a magic trick.  In fact, I’m sure they have little mind-readers producing the answers.  It’s like they KNOW you!

I am URBAN FUNK with a touch of Boho.  Seems pretty accurate for my personal style.

HomeGoods StyleScope Quiz

This is what “they say”  the style looks like.  Eclectic.  Lots of color.  Quirky.  Bold.  Unique.  Right on the money!

HomeGoods Style scope quiz

One of the fun features about taking the Stylescope quiz, is that it gives you blogs to follow if you want, and boards to follow on Pinterest.  And lots of other design tips for your style taste.  Try it, and let me know what you’re style is!

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  • Josh

    Apparently we have the same style, according to this quiz…

  • MarLyn

    This is awesome! I’m Urban Funk with a touch of New Country. Right on.

    • Urban Funk represent! I can definitely see the ‘touch of new country’ You have great taste!

  • Shalynn

    I’m socialite and a touch classic! Ah Ha! 😀 Love you Kenz Face

    • Awesome!! You can go socialite all over your new house. Janae got “Vegas style” lol. Love you Shalynn

  • Caitlin

    I’m “the traveler” with a touch boho!

    • That doesn’t surprise me at all! I love your world travel style. I can’t wait to see your apartment.

  • Henriette

    I have tried this several times (liked more than five photos, of course) and ended up as “Urban Funk” with a touch of “Boho” every single time. I guess I have found my style. 😀

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