White Subway Tile Backsplash

I am 12 blog posts behind of where we’re at with our house.  Thanksgiving week was a week long version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  My mom’s side of the family is Greek, and when the Pulos Family gets together, things get cray, in the best way possible.

My Big Fat Greek Family

When we started our kitchen renovation, our goal was to be finished before Thanksgiving.  My family was hosting a baby shower for us in our house Thanksgiving weekend, and we wanted to be 100% done by Thanksgiving so we wouldn’t be worried about unfinished projects floating around when Baby Crowder was born in December (WHICH IS THIS MONTH!).

Since we started at the end of July, Thanksgiving seemed like a completely reasonable deadline.  However, certain projects have taken longer than other projects.  The main time-taker has been the fence.  I haven’t said much about it on the blog yet (again, another post I am behind on) but when I write it, you’ll understand.  It’s like when you’re watching Labyrinth and the Goblin King fast forwards the clock…  but in real life you don’t get the joy of singing Dance Magic Dance.  And that’s a hard life.


We purchased our tile & supplies back in August, but the backsplash kept getting pushed back because of the need to get the fence finished.  When November hit, I knew there was no way we could get it done.  I really really wanted to do it myself.  But you know, something about being 8 months pregnant using a tile saw… We can’t all be Katie Bower or Pretty Handy Girl (and all the other many DIY bloggers who have bravely installed a backsplash.)

I had every intention of doing it.  But I had to call in some help to be finished on time.  (We DID finish everything before Thanksgiving, I’m just that behind on blogging.)

For the overwhelmed DIYer:


I called Home Depot, and learned about an awesome service they have called Redbeacon.  This post is completely unsponsored, just a great experience I had.  Redbeacon is a site where you upload pictures and information about your project, and you get email bids from several licensed contractors.  All the contractors have been background checked, carry insurance, and have Home Depot’s stamp of approval.  They all have ratings and reviews you can read on the site as well.  It was so easy to use.  I stated that we already had our supplies, and just needed it installed.  We got very competitive bids and fair prices.  As soon as I picked a contractor, he started the next day.  It was very inexpensive since we already had our tile and supplies.  You even pay through the Redbeacon site.  For the overwhelmed DIYer, I highly suggest using Redbeacon to finish up projects, or those little projects (like drywall!) that you never feel like doing.

And here’s the tile, simple and clean.

White Subway Tile Backsplash

White Subway Tile Backsplash

White Subway Tile Backsplash

White Subway Tile Backsplash

It has been a very busy summer around here, but the major projects are coming to an end.  And it feels a lot like success kid.

sucess kid twitter

Tree Removal of 120 ft Cottonwoods 

New roof 

-Build Fence

Paint ceiling & walls

Install flooring 

Baseboards + board & batten


Counter top install


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  • Emma (Broke Ass Home)

    RedBeacon sounds AWESOME. I have some things I’d love done before Wookie gets here…. He did a WONDERFUL job! Do you have to pay to post your job?

    • Kenz

      Redbeacon is really such a cool thing. You don’t have to pay until you’ve picked a guy and they are 100% done. So it’s definitely worth getting some bids. It won’t cost you a thing. And your first job REdbeacon gives you $50 off. Do it!

  • Bethany Kline

    Love your Labyrinth reference. You remind me more and more every time we talk why I loke you so much! 😉 Backsplash looks great! I wonder if Lowe’s has a redbeacon type deal? I’ll have to look into it! Where we are moving they have a Lowe’s but no Home Depot. and I know there are going to be things in our new house that we will need done that we are lost on! So how was your Baby shower?? Count down is on little Mama!

    • Kenz

      You should still be able to use Redbeacon even without a nearby Home Depot, since it’s all online, there should be contractors near you. Definitely play around on the website! I’m glad you like the Labyrinth reference. I’m sure I’ll sing to Evelyn (on multiple occasions) “You remind me of the babe! …” The baby shower was amazing. Little E is going to be one spoiled girl!

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    that sounds like an awesome service! also, your kitchen is beautiful. glad it’s all done and ready for baby to fling mashed food at! 🙂

    • Kenz

      It really is an awesome service for those little things that never seem to get done. Bring on all the flinging flanging mashy foods 🙂

  • thediynurse

    I didn’t know that existed! it looks amazing!

    • Kenz

      Thank you!! I’m really pleased with it 🙂

  • Your tile looks so good and Redbeacon sounds fantastic! Thanks for spilling the beans on this source 🙂

    • Kenz

      You are welcome! I even used it for another project 🙂 I was really excited when I discovered it. The bids are so fair and reasonable. And I am SO happy to have the tile done 🙂

  • Cassie Bustamante

    LOVE! so pretty and classy! fist pump all the way.

    • Kenz

      Thanks Cassie! I’m glad we went with the subway tiles. Fist pumps all around!

  • Love the tile! Looks perfect in there!!! xo Kristin

    • Kenz

      Thanks Kristin! I love it!!

  • John @ Our Home from Scratch

    Backsplash looks amazing! Looks very clean. Red Beacon sounds like a pretty nice service.

    • Kenz

      It ended up working out great for us, since we were running out of time. I am actually a little bummed that I didn’t get to learn how to use a tile saw. It was a project I was looking forward to doing. But we will have more tiling jobs in the future. But I do have to say, I’m glad it’s done and up, and beautiful for us to enjoy!

  • Ashley

    Looks great! Can’t believe you’re due so soon. That’s great (& probably also terrifying for you–but you’re going to be great!).

    • Kenz

      Thanks Ash! I am freaking out a little bit. But I am happy knowing that at least we have all the ducks in a row at home. Overall I’m excited 🙂

  • Rebecca Crowder Cantwell

    Your house is amazing kenz!!!!! you are amazing!!!!

    • Kenz

      Aww, thank you! We are loving it so much!

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    Never heard of Redbeacon. Sounds like a really great thing! And your tile looks awesome. It feels good sometimes to have someone else do the job!

    And I loved Labyrinth. Now I feel old again. Especially when I look at David Bowie 😉 I don’t even know how many times I watched that movie.

    • Kenz

      Redbeacon is pretty awesome. I recommend the service for sure. And thank you, I love the tile!
      Labyrinth was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I recently watched it as an adult, and thought “wow, I must have been a really weird kid if this was my favorite movie.” haha! I still love it though. Good old Davie Bowie and all his majesty. No one can rock a fluffed up mullet like him.

  • Ah, now you’re ready to finish the biggest DIY project of all! 🙂 It looks great, and thanks for the tip about Redbeacon. Some months we feel like Home Depot is our second home, but I’ve never heard of this service. And your kitchen looks beautiful. Now rest up and finish cooking that baby!

    • Kenz

      We are definitely on the home stretch! I can’t wait to get this baby here 🙂 You know, Home Depot is our second home too, and I never knew about Redbeacon either. I found out when I called the store to see if they did Tile Installation. I’m so happy I found out about it. Sometimes there are just those things that we can’t do or don’t really want to do!
      I’ll definitely be resting from here on out!

  • Anu

    The backsplash is so nice and bright! I installed the backsplash in our kitchen, but would definitely not been able to if I was pregnant. I didn’t even blog during my last pregnancy! You are amazing to have taken this all on before baby is due. So happy for you that you got it all done!

    • Kenz

      That definitely makes me feel better! I feel like I’ve been so lazy the past 8 months.

  • It’s so pretty! I love it…clean, fresh and timeless. 🙂

    • Kenz

      Thanks Tania! I am loving it!

  • It’s so pretty! You need to be resting. I’m proud of you.

    • Kenz

      I am a pro rester. Thank you 🙂

  • kelly @ view along the way

    WHAAAAT. It is SO GOOD. It’s so clean, and sparkling, and perfect. And also, I’m heading STRAIGHT to this redbeacon business because we’ve got junk that needs to get done. EEK! You’re due this month!!

    • Kenz

      Aw thanks Kelly!! It was really nice to have it get done so quickly while we were working on other things. You will LOVE Redbeacon. It’s a really cool service and site. Good luck with your junk 🙂

  • Tara @ Surburble

    I love it! It’s so clean and fresh and gorgeous. Great choice… also, this Redbeacon thing?!? I’m liking the sound of that!

    • Kenz

      Seriously! Redbeacon is a life saver!

  • It looks so great! And thanks for the tip re: Redbeacon! Do they do bigger jobs like, say, building a new deck for me, too?

    • Kenz

      They DO do bigger jobs. If you are seriously considering it, type up the job and you’ll get people out there giving you quotes. It might be totally worth it if you guys don’t have the time or energy to do it! Redbeacon does everything from hanging christmas lights to major renovations.

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    I rarely feel like attempting anything, so sounds like I needed your Redbeacon tip more than anything! Gotta love white subway tile. Inexpensive but so beautifully clean and simple! Love the entire kitchen!

    • Kenz

      Haha, I never feel like attempting anything anymore. You won’t regret using the Redbeacon service to find people to do the dirty work for you 🙂 I love the subway tile too. We think it will really help when we decide to sell the house!

  • Alix Stamatakis

    You are Greek! This is great! I have been following you for a year now and have been obsessed. Mostly because you house is too cute, but we kinda live the same life (sorta in the non creepy way!) :}

  • You crack me up. Everything about this post is hilarious. And I love the tile. There’s nothing better than a pretty subway tile backsplash.

    • Kenz

      Oh thanks my dear! From one white subway tile backsplash to another. It’s like we’re connected 🙂