Your DIY Wingback Rocking Chairs

One of my all time favorite projects is my DIY Wingback Rocker.

One year later it’s holding up like a champion of all chairs!  In fact, I’m writing this post sitting in this chair right now.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours rocking precious Evelyn Faye in this chair.

DIY Wingback Rocker

What I didn’t expect was how many people would follow my tutorial and make their own.  Some have blogs, and some don’t.  But the emails have poured in of your beautiful rockers, and I’m going to show them off!

This nursery is from a reader named Daniel.

DIY Rocking Chair

This is Chelsie’s nursery.

DIY Wingback Rocker

DIY Wingback Rocker

Cute mama-to-be!DIY Wingback Rocker

This rocker comes from nursery at The Shaker House.  They used a different chair than the Strandmon, and I think it looks awesome in the Marine Corps inspired room.

DIY Rocker - The Shaker House

DIY Wingback Rocker - The Shaker House

This rocker is from the outdoorsy nursery for Fletcher at 100layercakelet

DIY Rocker - 100layercakelet

DIY Wingback Rocker - 100 layer cakelet

This rocker is in the Modern Marine nursery at Newlyweds North.

DIY Rocker - Newlyweds North

rocker collage

And this last rocker is in the feminine travelesque nursery at Explore Dream Discover.

DIY Rocker - Explore Dream Discover



I love that even though these nurseries all have different themes and styles (I hope you clicked the links to check out the full rooms!!!) the rockers all fit in their element perfectly.

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  • oh, how great! An army of DIY Wingback Rockers!

  • That is so great Kenz. You inspired a movement!! Whenever I see one of these around blog land, I always think… I know who came up with that!! Love it!!

  • How awesome are these?! I love that people took the time to share their rockers with you!

  • Erin Elizabeth Schultz

    SO AWESOME! Look at that, how many people your rocker has inspired! I am amazed, and they all look so nice! I hope to one day be able to try this out! (Don’t have enough time before this baby comes however!)

  • Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue

    so cool that so many other people did it too– and I love the rug in the Newlyweds North room too!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa

    Look at how many people you inspire!! Impressive!!

  • Love all these chairs! I think the stripe is my favorite, though. I’m a fan of a good red stripe.